Breaking Free

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I love what Tyler Dawn has to say today about anger, and other "negative" emotions, and their place in breaking us free.

I once heard, Abba may have even been the one to tell me, that a Butterfly has to get pissed off in order to bust through that cocoon. It has to want warmth, want oxygen, want food, want drink. It has to be angry enough to decide to live. Conversely, it can decide to remain calm and die.

And each and every person I know who has come to freedom has come to it through violence of one sort of another, whether it be simply through the violence that strips us of our misconceptions about what love is, what friendship is, who God is and what he expects from us, and yes, who church is supposed to look like (yeah, as opposed to where or what) or the actual violence that the religious people we left behind can sometimes resort to.

Our freedom was bought with a violent act, should it surprise us that each stripping away should not also be violent? That it would be naturally met with anger and fear and anguish?


  1. Hey Sue,

    I've found this to be true in my life. Especially since I use to supress my anger alot. Anyway, this was good. I really liked. :)

  2. Kel - yeah, interesting :) Much food for thought.

    Jon - who's there?

    Monk - yeah. Bone wrenchingly violent.

  3. Cole - hey there, thanks for dropping in :) I agree, I have suppressed anger so much in my own life, and then here it comes, spurting out, over the past two years. Very uncomfortable but still, a relief to know that there is a place for it :)

  4. You still have me thinking with the Kingdom suffering violnce scripture. For some reason it is bugging me and I can't get my mind around why. Like there is something there and I just can't see it.

  5. You and me both, my dear. You and me both.


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