And My World Spins on its Axis ...

Friday, 19 December 2008

... because I am listening to Christmas carols. Me! Old Scrooge, listening to carols! :)

I'm listening to Sky FM's Christmas channel** and been thinking about how yeah, Christmas has been a monumental royal pain in the arse the last couple of years, with my aversion to commercialism, but wondering in wondering wonderment at how much BETTER it is now we are stuck in the midst of a global financial crisis! :)

I mean, sure, I saw more homeless people as I went for the train tonight than normal (although I did leave work an hour early so maybe it's homeless happy hour at 5pm and it's winding down by the time I get the 6.20). And it was a bit depressing seeing homeless people, and all the other continuous shit that is going on in our world constantly, on and on and on and on. But is that enough reason to never feel happy or to push away any kind of Christmas spirit when it deigns to visit moi? Nay. Not these times for any of us, bloggers. We should grab every single scrap and shred of joy we can find or muster or conjure because the fact there is so much bad shit going on in the world is MORE than enough reason to do so, mereckons.

Tonight, after I got home and was thoughtfully taking all my papers out to the recycle bin, and pulling weeds, and picking up dog poo, and thinking in the midst of all of those mundane tasks what an amazing thing it is to consider, even just in purely theoretical terms, what kind of God who would insert himself right in the midst of his own creation. And the joy flooded in. Sometimes it just comes in sideways, you know?

Last night I walked my dear doggy round the streets, and there was a house on a corner that was blasting O Holy Night out its front window, of which a pretty Christmas tree was a-glowing, and suddenly it didn't seem so horribly blasphemous to my political and cultural sensibilities to enjoy certain aspects of one of the few festivals we have going on in our strange, dark little times.

Merry Christmas to ye, bloggers.

** They've just done their dash, I'm afraid. Too many songs about Santa, and the truly demonic Jingle Bell Rock just came on so that dashes that. Off to find some more carols. Wish I still had my turntable, I'd give Patsy's Christmas Album a spin :)


  1. I think the trick is to engage fully in our knowledge and horror of what's going on in the world and on our doorsteps, while allowing ourselves full experience of the joy that is meant to come our way.
    Glad to hear you've had a few carolling moments!

  2. I struggle too...but I guess I choose to ignore the things about Christmas (as it is presently celebrated a meaningless consumeristic mess) that insult me and try to embrace the beauty and the acts of love I see and share and the real reason. But I can't go all hog into that either, because there are people and expecations and things that go on that I have no control over. But every day I try to have a few minutes to revel in the real thing. It helps.

  3. loving the comments reminds me of the saying "don't throw the baby out with the bath water." let's not throw the Christ child out with all of the Christmas hoopla. there is much joy in Christmas...and i am finding it even without (especially without?) Christmas decorations and no trips to the mall!

    just watched my favorite rendition of jon bon jovi singing 'blue christmas'..that'll get your heart going!


  4. So far I have not heard the Little Drummer Boy. Do you suppose someone has shot him? I am afraid I speak too soon.

  5. Tess - yeah, I agree. It is difficult to do, though. Of course, I think there is some crazy egoic thing mixed up in there too that we could change the world anyway.

    Erin - sounds like a good place to be, to me :)

    Lucy - mmm, Jon Bon Jovi. Smothered in chocolate ... did I say that out loud?

    Barbara - oh, poor little drummer boy! You want him shot????? (Maybe that instrumental break in the middle is actually a firing squad?)

  6. Patsy's Christmas Album! LOL! That was the only one I had as a kid. My kids were given a newer Christmas album - Merry Christmas to the World of Children and guess what - it was good ole Patsy! It so brought me back to when I was nine...

    For a change of pace try Kaili Kinnon (daughter of Mr Blog Ruler of the Universe Bill Kinnon) and her amazing rendition of O Holy Night.

  7. Heather - I have strong memories of that album :) I can remember thinking how risque I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Clause was ;) Haha. So she's still going strong? Cool! :)

    That version of O Holy Night was really beautiful. Great voice. I like her version of Stevie Wonder's Lately too. Never heard of Bill Kinnon in me loife. Going off to look now :)

  8. Sue,
    Kaili (who is 17) and her two older brothers, Liam & Rylan, are amazing kids. I'm just their Dad. (All three were working together in the studio, today.)

    Your comments meant a lot to Kai (and to me, her proud old Dad).


  9. Sorry for the double comment. (Canadians are genetically modified by the cold to constantly apologize.)

    Heather, you are far too kind. I'm barely the blog ruler of my own keyboard - but Kai and I really appreciated your shout out. She's the real deal.

  10. Bill I think you're forgetting yourself and blogstorm (People formerly known as...) you started that played a huge part in me beginning my own blog journey. So sorry, you have to proudly wear the Blog Ruler of the Universe hat, at least for today in this thread :-D

    And I for one will be first in line when Kaili releases an album. Gorgeous voice, and yes, the real deal.

  11. Bill - LOL at gentically modified apologies. Canadians seem pretty cool to me, the ones I've come across.

    Kaili's voice is very mature for 17, such a beautiful timbre. Thank her for putting that version of O Holy Night on her blog, it was a delight to listen to :)


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