Christianity as the End to all Religion

Friday, 19 December 2008

I very much appreciate Richard Beck's blog over at Experimental Theology. Reading it for me is akin to going on a wide ranging walk across hills and through forests. Good stuff.

I'm inclined to agree with him that the most faithful act of Christianity is the renunciation of Christianity. This idea would have been gobbledegook even 15 years ago in many circles, but now it is the experience of many. However, Beck argues that doing so is not to stop at repudiating the brand (what he calls "the weaker response") but to renounce religion altogether. And I would argue that once you see that - and it does involve a new way of seeing more than anything - then you can never not un-see it again. Just depends on how deep you wanna go.

And that's when the vistas get really broad. And that's when God can really do his stuff. Bring it on. Bring it down, Papa.

(And of course, that does not necessarily mean that people do not still meet together in church buildings. It is a way of seeing the world much more than it is where you place yourself).

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  1. Chad - you're blogging again! (Yes, I know, I'm a bit slow on the update sometimes) Yay!!

    Cole - I know, me too :( It is very sad :(

    Mork - yep :)


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