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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

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Thanks to Mork and his easily-lost challenge in my comments (dammit, why didn't I up him for a Mars bar as well as the can of Coke?), I have just been disappointed to learn that my blog is only rated NC17. Which I think is the next level above R, and surely it's terribly childish that I am strangely pleased about such a thing?

Still, I was really hoping to be rated X. I wonder what you need to have for that? The "c" word?

My rating is determined based on the presence of the following words:

dangerous (six times)
hell (five times)
pain (four times)
fuck (three times)
crap (two times)
crappy (one time)

Now, I take umbrage, as you will no doubt be unsurprised, at this rating. This site seems particularly prudish to me (the site giving the ratings, I mean. Not my site. I don't think anyone would be slapping the label of prudish on my site). I mean, how dangerous is the word "dangerous"? What happens if you're a site that reviews Roxette songs? You could be very safe for 10 year olds, and yet you get bitch-slapped with an NC-17. And hell. Goodness, five times? That's David's fault, I think. He has a penchant for hell, and sending people to it. Which is better, I suppose, than having a penchant for sex with animals and seeing how many things you can get inserted up your nostrils, but slightly irritating considering I don't even think that hell exists in the stupid form that Calvin man and many others spew forth. But anyway, i wasn't talking about hell. I was talking about this fun thing Mork got me to do so that I could wax on about animal sex and stuff.

Mork's rating on his blog was even stranger. He got an "R" rating because of the following words:

missionary (five times)
dead (three times)
slap (one time)

Oooh, missionaries. Scary stuff! Of course, you could be talking about the missionary position and that would be awful because we don't want the kiddies to be thinking about such things. We want to stuff it all down behind the couch so they can discover it for themselves when they're 14 and go sick. The same with death. Don't talk about sex and death to people under 17. Probably best to not talk about them with people over 17 either. Just talk about money.

And slap. Well, I mentioned bitch-slapping up there. And now I've just mentioned the word slap again, in the first sentence of this paragraph. And now I've just mentioned slap again, in the third sentence of this paragraph, and also in this one. I wonder if that has got my rating up to X?

I'd need to say the "c" word, wouldn't I? And hey, even I've got some sort of decency limits :)


  1. Hey!!! That's not fair!!! I didn't even know that rating existed!!!

  2. Awww, I'm sorry! You'll have to be more potty-mouthed like me. Or talk about hell.

  3. This thing only found the word fuck on your blog 3 times? Hahahahahahah! Tell me another! It must only look at the most recent post.

    Anyhow, I got an R honey! Yay! 'Cause I say fucknstuff!

  4. I only got a PG. Apparently I said "missionary" once. Oops! Will have to wash my keyboard out with soap.

  5. me? rated PG? i'm so embarassed.

  6. Erin - well, you're going to hell with me, heretic, so you may as well say fuck on every single post. Yes, I agree, I think they only look at the current page of posts, not the archives :)

    Heather - oooh, bad girl! :) Sometimes I think I would like to wash my keyboard out with soap, stop my Tourettes. But that's the bad workwoman blaming her tools :)

    Jon - serious? Haha. That's very amusing! Quick, write a post about fucking in the missionary position and you'll bump yourself up.

    Thanks for the link to this Mork. It's been fun :)

  7. I'm sorry, but you've used the f word a lot more than just 3 times here!
    Let's be honest now, did you mean 3 times in 1 post?

  8. Manuela - yes. Maybe I will start trying to swear less. What do you think?

    I think what it does is it looks at the current page of posts, rather than goes into all your archives (that would be so funny/horrible to see how many times I've said that naughty word on this blog :(

  9. I can't point a finger. I really can't cast a stone...

  10. I am very embarressed cos I got a g rating apprently the obly bad word I wrote is bomb LOL I'll have the secret police after me next

  11. Well, I got a PG-13 rating... for the follow word use.

    pissed (5x)
    hurt (4x)
    fuck (2x)
    suck (1x)

    So why did Erin get an R and Sue get NC-17 and I use the word fuck and only get PG-13? *Shaking head*

  12. It looks at the current page (which is not an accurate way to rate a blog LOL), and I only have one post on my main page, so today I got a G.

    The post before that was an R:

    * pain (16x)
    * shit (3x)
    * meth (2x)
    * kill (1x)

    If I have it look at my entire 2008 archives I get an NC-17:

    * pain (17x)
    * fuck (3x)
    * hell (2x)
    * dead (1x)

  13. Okay, I had it rate my whole blog.... and because I said these words...

    hurt (8x)
    pissed (6x)
    sex (4x)
    fuck (2x)
    suck (1x)

    I got an NC-17 rating.....

  14. You know, we write about our lives, so in essence, I guess my life has an NC-17 rating. Yikes! lol


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