Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Okay. Check out these two pictures below. Do you laugh, or do you take offence? Or a mixture of both?

(As seen and discussed at Experimental Theology).

*Edit: duh, I forgot for a minute it's holy week. Probably a badly timed post, really, when I think about it. This probably gives a very wrong impression of my view of the cross. Oh well, I suppose it stays ...


  1. I like any kind of clever or tongue in cheek Detournment that subverts traditional images. Mostly coz im not really clever enough to do it myself:) The second one is great!!

  2. looking at these has given me an idea...i actually think that this Xmas, all public statues of Christ on the Cross should be wrapped in Xmas lights and tinsel. who's with me?

  3. Urban - Now I've looked up detournment and know what you're talking about - I agree. I'm wondering if its simply that subversion that makes this funny, or if there's something else in there as well. I'm not sure.

    Monk - good idea :) Really! I expect to see some photos on your blog come November

  4. Oh dear, I'm afraid it took me a good few minutes to 'get' the second one. D'oh! Then I laughed out loud. With my hand over my mouth, despite being alone, as if I was being a bit naughty. That reaction kind of sums up my feelings about these, I think.
    And I had to look up detournment as well - today has not been wasted!

  5. Wow, I laughed! What has happened to me? ;)

  6. Ack! The first one is just plain tacky (to my eyes).
    #2 is truly funny in its irreverence. I hope those guys are from a gay show band.

  7. Well, I have to admit I was offended. It seemed in poor taste but why do I feel that way? I don't know. I don't bother analyze myself anymore, its way too depressing! :)

  8. Tess - you naughty girl, with your hand over your mouth :) I am still mulling over why it is that we feel naughty ... well, I mean I understand why in the general sense of thinking that God will be offended, or other people will be offended. At last, I think that's what it is for me ... I'm not sure! :)

    Tina - LOL. Isn't it funny how we change :)

    Kel - I do think it would be a rather profound sort of a statement to people, get them thinking. Thing is, since then I have been trying to think of any art around secular Melbourne that represent Christ on the cross and I can't think of any (apart from art gallery paintings and stuff)

    Norm - yeah, the first one is ultra tacky. I think that's maybe why it vaguely amused me. A sort of kitschy thing.

    Barbara - that's interesting that you were offended. Was that because you thought it was offensive to God, or offensive to you personally, or offensive to others? I'm curious about this whole area, and find it quite interesting :)

  9. I'm not too crazy about them.

    I don't mind Christians making fun of themselves.

    But I am not crazy about Christians, or anyone making fun of the Living God.

    I hope, for their sakes, that He doesn't mind.


  10. Hey TOA - I can understand your point of view and where you're coming from. I guess the way I see it is that (a) these are not making fun of God himself and (b) I think God's sense of self is strong enough that he wouldn't bother getting offended on his own behalf for his name being besmirched. But that's just how I see it, thanks for chiming in :)

  11. This unsettles me, especially the first one. Jesus being ridiculed doesnt sit well with me...

  12. Tacky, tasteless, but I do find it a bit funny. It pokes fun at our religiosity more than at God.
    By the way, Japanese hang crosses on their Christmas trees. I guess they think it is appropriate since Christmas is a Christian holiday.


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