Spiritual versus Christian

Thursday, 30 April 2009

I have been playing around the last few days with the idea of intentional community, of whether I am in the same postcode of being able to even consider the remote possibility of one day living in one. It's a hat I take out every now and then and try on, a measuring stick if nothing else. Some days I try on so many hats that I don't even need to go out into the world! :) Most of the time I take that hat off again because it cuts in restrictive very early on in the piece.

Which happened again this morning (the restriction for me is that familiar feeling of off-centredness that comes with the thought of living with other people with whom I would have to negotiate with and who would break into my solitude, as desirous as I am of shared community.)

This morning I realised that the hat cuts deepest when I think in terms of a purely Christian intentional community. When I think instead of a spiritual one, suddenly it all feels a bit easier to me. This is obviously stupidities and generalisations living in my own head, but when I think of being in a Christian intentional community it all feels like school camp and obligation. When I think of a spiritual community, of whatever persuasion those people come in, I think of harmony and mutual respect.

I do think I need to stop judging my own spiritual family quite so quickly :)


  1. i think you have quite a little community going on all by yourself :-)

    seriously, it sounds like it will just be extremely important for you to choose the community very intentionally! i would imagine that many of the concerns you voice would be held by other like-minded people.

    and, the judging, yep it's a show stopper sometimes. good luck!

  2. I know precisely what you mean. It's almost like...heretic me again...I KNOW all that Christian stuff. I already know the spiritual truths they hold...I want to know what other spiritual truths are out there. I don't fancy continuing to be beat over the head with the things I already have experienced and know and have already been beaten over the head with.

    I know not all Christian community is like that...it's a generalization in my head, but it's where I am.


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