The Undercutter

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Jesus undercut the basis for all violent, exclusionary and punitive behavior.  He became the forgiving victim, so we would stop creating victims ourselves.  He became the falsely accused one, so we would be careful whom we accuse.  

Any worldly system actually prefers violent partners to nonviolent ones; it gives them a clear target and a credible enemy. Empires are actually relieved to have terrorists to shoot at and Barabbas figures loose on the streets.  Types like Jesus, Martin Luther King and Gandhi make difficult enemies for empires.  They cannot be used or co-opted.  

The powers that be know that nonviolent prophets are a much deeper problem because they refuse to buy into the very illusions that the whole empire is built on, especially the myth of redemptive violence.  Like Jesus, they live instead a life of redemptive suffering.

Richard Rohr

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