"Discombobula:  Collective noun for the various thoughts, ideas, songs, and other bits of mental flotsam and jetsam that can be found floating around inside one’s head at any given moment for no apparent or obviously discernible reason" (from The Blogtionary).

I'm a writer.  I write non-fiction (generally essays) and fiction (short stories and poetry), some of which are scattered throughout this blog.  This is my write-in-my-pyjamas-about-the-shit-keeping-me-awake-at-3am space.  Writing, along with meditation and yoga, is a sanity prevailer.  It's my non-food food.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I love words, non-words, people, music, spirituality (especially the space between that and science), discovery, creativity and lurve.  I know more about health-related issues than I care to.  I respect the dark.

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