Socks and pyjamas and heaters and soup and unseen dimensions

Thursday 27 March 2008

Suddenly it's winter here ... well, just about. Well, not Winter Winter with snow and minus temperatures. People go on about how cold Melbourne is but really, compared to Siberia our Winters are a piece of urine. Still. Last night I wore pyjamas and socks to bed. The heater has been fired up. I am hopefully going to make a batch of veggie soup tonight if I can muster up the energy after a day of workish boredom. It's time for umbrellas (it's raining again) and coats and all of that stuff is nice and cosy (and a football team that is sitting on top of the ladder after round 1 and looks like some kind of amazing oiled machine), but I know it won't be long before I begin to pine for barefoot weather and dry heat. But in its time. It will swing back again.

I am feeling so much better. I have walked around for the past few days feeling content with feeling low-level crap because compared to Monday I feel great. Last night on the train home I stared out the window at the sunset and caught my reflection in the window, a goofy smile on my face.

After a few days of low-level crap, though, I'll start getting discontented with that and want more. The memory of Monday will fade and I'll be left with the memory of the day before. But really, when I look at all the bad health I've had over the past 10 years, the way I'm feeling at the moment is pretty easy to deal with. There's no doubt I'm on the upward trajectory; I just need to keep reminding myself of that 'cause every time I slip back my perspective buggers off.

I was thinking yesterday, if in some future age we shall be living in a time of golden light but no bad stuff - no death, no sickness, no causes of tears - then how shall the momentum be kept up? How shall we go on enjoying everything without getting bored? What would happen if constant joy became tedious?

Then I thought ... we have no idea what it's going to be like. Presumably we would be experiencing life in more dimensions than we do right now. And God, also (or maybe they're the same things). Those two things in themselves ... what do we have to compare them to? How do you envisage dimensions that you don't know what they are, and elements of God you haven't experienced? (Well, maybe the second is easier than the first, in some ways, if you compare the minutest touchings of God in this life, the whispers so subtle you can wonder whether they are you or God, the things that s/he has made, that gentle voice ... bring more on, whenever you like, Starfield God Dude).

A future of more God and more dimensions, a future of learning and continual growth (not the unimaginative sitting around on clouds in heaven crap but someplace amazing, someplace that takes all the best elements of learning and growth here and amplifies them out beyond belief. Someplace that makes the best music we have hear sound like a baby beating a plastic xylophone). It's a tantalising prospect to envisage ... and knowing that I'm nowhere near the mark is tantalising in itself. Like trying to work out what the amazingly wrapped Christmas present is that I'm not allowed to open yet. It adds rock-on edges to boring moments. The thought of how we could be ongoingly happy with no dark to define the light makes me think that the light is going to be very amazing indeed.


  1. Hmmmm...I've been pondering this light/dark thing. Though I know there is no darkness in God, He knows the difference between good and evil.

    When I saw Pan's Labyrinth I thought maybe I caught a glimpse of God's design...maybe. I hated the movie and thought it was dark and icky from the get go, but something about the parents knowing about what was going on above and allowing Ofelia to make choices in an evil world spoke to me of God's complexity.

    I've often wondered if one of the reasons we are subjected to our own vices is to make the the face of evil (ours and others'), to choose what is right and good. I've wondered if that's what we will take with us. We may have the memory of what it is like without Him which will contribute to the joy and freedom we experience in His presence.

    Just some thoughts.

  2. I was about to say I haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth, but I did - there you go. Obviously didn't leave much of an impression, LOL.

    Yes, it makes sense that what comes before will affect what goes on then, this this is all to some higher purpose in other ages also.

    I remember once someone saying that he believed that he wouldn't remember his wife or childen from this life and it always struck me as a mentally ill god that would just terminate this life except for a few things. why not be infinitely more creative and redeem it instead?

    Isn't pondering fun? :)

  3. Yep! Pondering should be a profession then I could really make some money.

    Not remember your wife and children!? What? How can there be such a great cloud of witnesses if we won't know each weird!

    No male and female physiology I can imagine, but the soul of who we are in femaleness and maleness along with personality must continue reflections of God's nature. Maybe? Hmmm..

    I think He's bringing us into a fullness of it all rather than an undoing and remaking. (Not that what I think makes it real!)


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