Law or harmony

Thursday 29 May 2008

I'm loving Kent's journey, because it's also my own. It's difficult to communicate grace. It's easier to communicate angst than it is to communicate happiness. Somehow the angst comes through front on, face to face, but communicating happiness, harmony, grace - it can very easily feel kitschy or corny. Don't you hate that?

Angst doesn't need anything but itself to communicate itself. Harmony needs a juxtaposition to communicate itself clearly. It needs just as much to communicate what it isn't, as what it is.

Still, I imagine one day it won't. I don't know how that will be - probably when everyone is walking in it, and we are a giant orchestra, and we don't communicate it so much as just walk around in it and swim in it.


  1. Sue, I wonder if it works out something like this: Harmony isn't something we set out to do or accomplish it's just something that happens as we walk away from putting any trust in law ever accomplishing anything that we really desire? To be loved and to love.

  2. Yeah, I reckon so. It's like dancing to the music instead of trying to dance to the score.

    I thought of that analogy when I was having a shower. I quite like it :) (the analogy, that is. I also quite like having a shower. That flowing water, creating all those negative ions, just gets the creativity going and it flows naturally, effortlessly. Which is like the grace/harmony version of sitting down with gritted teeth and going, "I WILL come up with a good analogy!!!"


  3. Sue, here is a thought I had this morning.

    Angst makes sense to everybody because that is what most people feel on a regular basis. It's what frames the Cause and Effect World that surrounds us.

    Grace makes no sense to people who have not made the move from being governed by the world that surrounds them to the place of security only found in the safety of Father Son and Spirit.

    It makes me think about how I (and everyone else I knew) had always read the parable of the prodigal son. What this father did just seemed to be stupid and Jesus certainly wasn't serious about us living with each other in this way. What about justice, what about making people pay for their mistake so that they learn a leason, etc. etc. etc.?

    Grace makes no sense to the natural mind. It's "so naive" people think.

    Well, when you begin see through the so-called-wisdom of man, things begin to get flipped around. All roads, except the one paved with grace, are dead end roads.

    It's very Good News.

  4. Hey baby, I've been doing the grace thing too last coupla days lol. It is an awesome thing, He is nothing like us.

    Love you :)


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