Tuesday 31 March 2009

When sister earth tips that sunhat a little bit askew, in that sorta slanty sexy style onto the side of her head, it sure changes the view and the mood, doesn't it? Inserts a bit of flip and flirt into the mundanities of suburban living.

For two mornings in a row I have begun my day outside, writing morning pages and meditating. Such a small thing, sitting in your little garden, watching the miniscule changes from day to day. The way the dew has still not been diffused from the seats of the two cheap green plastic chairs on the grass, even though it's past 9 am. The slantiness of the sun along the rough wooden palings of your house. The ripe red tomato ready for picking. The tomato bush way overdue for transplanting into the soil, far too root-bound in its pot, leaves dying, needing the deep depths of the soil. Don't we all. The garden bed, awaiting more mulch, more compost, and the seeds that sit on my kitchen counter, ready for planting.

The green of the grass, after all those months of yellow, and the way my eyes just fall into that colour and rest, rest, rest.

How good it is to begin to learn to rest in your own soul. To know the gaze of the Other as love. It heals all wounds, along with time, and displacement. It gives you courage to walk in the dark and see what was too ugly to see before.


  1. Yes it is good indeed. I'm beginning to learn to rest in my own soul as well.


  2. It's a miracle, really. Makes me wonder why I mistrust any future miracles when this one is the most miraculous at all.

    That God, knows how to do lots of magic tricks :)

  3. oooh, this looks like an art attack to me


  4. Ooh, yeah, maybe you're right. although of course in my perfectionism I think, "No, Kel, it's just a photo of my ugly feet." but hell, it'll do.

    I have an entire series of photos of my feet that I took in the months after Mark and I broke up. I was trying to ground myself, I think. Maybe I'll do a montage, or a series.

    Thanks Kel for noticing! :)

  5. writing and photography are art streams
    nature was your muse
    it adds up in my mind

    and now, you know you're going to get all those "feet" fanatics googling into your blog :-)

  6. beautifully written and experienced, sue. i am looking out the window at snow falling. i am pleading with mother nature to allow the sun to come out and play. today the dark gray scarf is draped over her head rather than the jaunty tipped hat. i'll try to close my eyes and imagine sitting on your deck staring at a ripe red tomato.

  7. Kel - yes, it does add up. The evil perfectionistic stepsister of my soul was speaking through my mouth earlier :)

    Feet fanatics, cool. I have had about 4 or 5 people surf in on "long thin breasts" which is a bit scary. The most though are for "when I run I feel his pleasure" about Eric Liddell. That resonates so much with people :)

    Luch - thank you. Snow falling, still. Oh, please Mother Nature, go out and play with Lucy tomorrow. A shaft of sunlight at least?

    The hat is passing your way, Lucy. Never fear :)


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