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Monday, 9 March 2009

This is Wysiwyg. He is Kel's doggy and ain't he just so cute! This bone is just a leedle bit too big for this doggy and he did not want a bar of it :)

Now, it might just be me but I swear when I look at his little nose, it looks like it has a picture of a cat on it! Can you see it? Please tell me you can see it :)

This is Lester. He's pretty cute too. Here he stands in the leaf mulch and ferns of Kalorama Park where we recharged our batts today after my art therapy session. There is nothing for it but to describe the smell of Kalorama Park as something if not erotic, at least of the same tonal value. It is humus at its best, and if that is what we come from it then that's fine with me. The combination of bottom notes of deep dank earth and rotting leaves with top notes of leaves and fresh air is heady perfume indeed.

Here are some logs. One of these logs on the path is in its natural habitat. The others have been planed and sawed or whatever you do to them for them to become these posts, which were particularly helpful in stopping me from falling over. Thank you, logs of all varieties.

Here is the dog. Can you see him? See Lester jump. Jump over log. We went a bit off the beaten track. He got a bit puppylike jumping logs. Certainly not behaviour of a dog who is going to be 70 years old, that's for sure. But I think he was enjoying the unfurling too :)

Here is the dog log. I am so glad I took that track that is beginning to be reclaimed by the ferns to come upon this handsome beastie :) I hope whatever the accident was that claimed his ear, that he has recovered now!


  1. Lester is a handsome fella, isn't he?

    I love the dog-log. It kinda reminds me of Falkor from the Neverending Story.

  2. it's amazing what creatures 'appear' in the bush if you're open to 'seeing' them :-)

  3. Erin - Lester is a nice looking boy, although you can't see all the greys in his beard in that photo. He is getting on for 10 years old next month. I love the dog-log too. I haven't seen Neverending Story. Do you think I should?

    Kel - it is amazing, that. I go nuts too with swirly patterned linoleum. In the toilets at work the cubicles are this patterned swirly stuff and I sit there and see faces in them. Faces everywhere! Aggghhh! :)

  4. I think you should rent it when you have a chance. It's a kids movie, but oh so cool. They are in the works to remake it and I'm sure they will ruin it, so better to see it sooner. There are a lot of spiritual metaphors in it, too.

  5. Cool, okay. I'll just turn down the bit when Limahl is singing that godawful song, her her

  6. wow- I totally see the cat on the nose of the first little doggie! :D

  7. Oh, hooray! Isn't it so cute!!!! Hehe :)


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