If songs were wearable

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Imagine that songs are 3D things that you put on, sort of like a spiritual/emotional superhero costume, and when you do you take on the characteristics of that song.

What song would you wear if you were, say, going for a job interview for a job that you really really wanted, and were just about qualified for, but that you knew you could perform out of your own abilities and personality and personal experience, but you wanted to demonstrate this to your boss?

Good question. I shall have to ponder my own question and get back to you :)

I like this sort of right-brained thinking. Whether I come up with anything is another story but it's sort of fun thinking about it.

I keep wanting to listen to two songs over and over again. One is The Wind by Amos Lee, and the other is Glycerine by Bush. Not for the lyrical content so much as the music. What is it about certain notes, played at certain frequencies, that just enter straight into the middle of your heart? This is what prompted my thoughts here, and my question that I don't know my answer to yet :)

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  1. just a few weeks ago out of nowhere Glycerine by Bush was playing in my head and I had to go to youtube and watch them perform it. It's not a song I ever really listened to much but it was just there in my head on that day.

    Sorry that wasn't an answer to your question it's just that your mention of Glycerine brought back a memory.

  2. Hey Sue, this is Cole.

    For the music I like the song Marooned by Pink Floyd. Also, Perfect Sense by Roger Waters (The former writer, bass player, and singer in Pink Floyd) Very awesome song.

  3. Kent - that is strange when that happens. Did you enjoy the song when you listened to it, or was it still like, meh?

    Cole - what an interesting choice of songs! You may find it amusing to note that I spent quite a while trawling through different lyrics sites wondering why I couldn't find any for Marooned :) I would consider hiring you if you rocked up wearing that song.

    The second one is really interesting, LOL. I presume you're not in that case going for an interview on Wall Street, or at the UN? :)


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