My Moon and Menstrual Cycles Theory

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Okay. So my theory about why most women get their period when the moon is new - so that we can be all randy under the silvery light - really only proved that I can't count :)

It is a full moon at the moment and - well, last week I might have been hormonally of a propensity to dance by the light of the silvery moon feeling groovy but this week - well, nah, not so much ;)

So much for that theory :) I wanted it all nicely squarely romantic but it's not so. I do know though that women's cycles and the moon and the tides are all linked, and there is a certain sort of romance to all of that.

Some people only plant seeds at certain moon stages. I kind of like that idea. Might look into it :)


  1. Oh but it was a lovely theory. I do still wonder how it is that women who live together (like mothers/daughters) always have it at the same time. What's the purpose of that?

  2. Yeah, that is really strange how that happens, isn't it? I guess even though it means there's a chance of great matricide or daughterocide, at least you're all feeling good at the same time too and can make it up to each other :)

  3. full moon - ah, so that's why I've been howling

    seriously, going through first stages of hormone deregulation is hell - howling is just one symptom!


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