April breezes

Thursday 23 April 2009

It's very warm here today. There is a breeze, which looks like it is going to grow up and become wind and send me mad.

Oh, I want to fling myself out into the world. I want to walk down a road, and never come back. This feeling is impaled, agitating, in the middle of my heart and not even meditation can quell it. It's only a feeling, I tell myself. Only a feeling.

Are You talking to me underneath? Is this You or just my own anxiety? While we're there, can you turn down the wind?

Oh, and a new job. A new job before my marbles go rattling off down the street and into the gutters.


  1. Robin in Seattle23 April 2009 at 14:42

    Fervently praying for you to get an interesting & challenging job that pays well!!! (And also that your new co-workers won't mind the fact that you enjoy the occasional Jerusalem artichokes...)

  2. I think he is (talking to you). Praying that it comes clear - and maybe involves that job too, or at least some retention of marbles ;-)

  3. Robin - hello mah deyah!! Good to "see" you. Yes, thank you for your fervent praying. I'll even forego the Jerusalem artichokes to get an interesting and challenging AND well paid job! :)

    Mike - thank you sir, very much appreciated. Marble retention is a pretty good thing to have, if you can help it :)

  4. A new job before you spontaneously combust, you mean? I believe he talks to us through the mundaneness that is our lives...so yeah.


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