Back of Beyond

Saturday 25 April 2009

Beyond. Beyond is an edible word.

It is a resonating, pond-rippling word for me at the moment. Our society is so bloody boring. Beyond contains all that captivates. All the promises this world offers and fails to deliver are here, in Rumi's field. Beyond yourself. Blessedly, blessedly beyond yourself.

But it is not like a Faraway Tree land though, not the Land of Take What You Want. Although you do take. But you take by swimming, by entering. You take the drips in your clothing, in your heart, back with you to the land that is the real land of take what you want. You take them with little fanfare. They enable you to live in that land with some semblance of sanity because you smell on the wind that this land is superimposed on that land.

It inspires you to go beyond, beyond your own walls, your own conceptions. It calls you forth like a muse and then you see in front of you a small space to stand in. And you do, and you look around, and everything else looks just a tiny little bit different, if you will take the time to notice. All the steps are imperceptible.

You have swum in the waters and the waters swim in you. You do not need to go anywhere to get to this land and you will sell everything you have to get there and sometimes it feels like it costs everything you have that you barricade yourself with. It is free. It lies within you, in your heart, your soul's centre, where the Lord the Lord is One.

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  1. Been reading Rumi again, huh? I get it, I think. I have always thought it quite interesting that the word "ruminate" contains "Rumi".

    Wanting to find our way outside our own minds and wants and needs and obsessions, out into whatever exists beyond ourselves. Like the homeless woman you met the other day. This is really what He is all about, drawing us outside our own petty little worlds to care about the world of someone else.

    That's what I got out of this post, anyhow.


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