Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I painted this yesterday. I think I am possibly mildly insane :) It was an enquiry into my having messed about all week trying to make clay masks but hadn't actually been happy with anything I did and went back to square one. I had this cool idea to make a mask that represents the muse, with windswept sort of piled up sand dune effects, but my ideas are about 40 million kilometres ahead of my ability. As is obvious below :)

Funny, I didn't set out to make a face, and it wasn't until the end that I realised I had done so. This sort of unconscious thing doesn't happen with me very often because I'm too intent on being a control freak and HAVING to know what I am painting, so this was edifying for me.

Edifying. But somewhat disturbing :) I think I would like to take that brush looking object and clear some of the shit out of that headspace, methinks.

(Aside: did anyone laugh at that cat in the pinata pic below? Or is it just me who finds that sort of thing hilarious? :)


  1. now that you mention the cat it's kinda funny

  2. sue, do you know what you just did here?
    you had me on the floor rolling with laughter

    are you sure you didn't call this painting
    "the cat's eye view"

    you even connected the pinata image verbally in this post

    did you mean to do that?
    or is it just my brain that made the connection?

  3. LOL! No, it is your brain that made that connection, definitely! (I actually painted that before I saw that pinata pic).

    Thanks for the return laugh, haha!!!

  4. ah, so it was the order in which you posted that sent my brain into a spin

    when i revisit this image - after disassociating it with the cat's head up the pinata's bum [roflol] - it reminds me of a map

    perhaps a tribal map laying out the secret pathways, camping ground, rivers, billabongs
    perhaps telling the story of an outback adventure where treasure might be found

  5. You don't hear the term "the cat's head up the pinata's bum" every day, do you? :)

    Your ponderings about maps and such things sounds just like what Maggie said yesterday. Funny, that :)

  6. now, you just know you're going to get swamped with googlers looking for "cat's head up a pinata's bum" - yes I believe there are people out there who would google that!?!

    the world is full of very weird people googling very weird things

    re maggie, it's nice to know i'm tracking well :-)

    sorry if me linking this art with the prior post's photo de-sacredised your art work,
    but it was so funny I just had to share the unexpected connection, and i figured you'd get the joke

    besides, there might have been something to that connection - freudian slips and all

  7. I like the picture - alot going on in one's mind ....

  8. cool, so much going on! I also see it as a map of sorts and also a scan indicating you may have worms ;) love the pic...and your trademark dot/dash marks around the outside are nice too :)

    oh and the pic of the cat is funny, but the words annoy me...too cutesy.

  9. Kel - of course it didn't desacredise my art work :) It was all highly amusing :)

    Mark - too much going on in one's mind :)

    CB - Worms, lol. Yeah, I know the caption was cutesy. It was the best one of all of them. I just love that pic so much, it really cracks me up hehe :)


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