Can You Feel It?

Wednesday 1 April 2009

This may sound a bit kooky. But can you feel the effects of electricity? Could you feel the difference if you stood in your house with the power turned off? I can, absolutely. So can this woman.

I first began to really take notice when I was sick and had turned into a human barometer for all sorts of whacky things I'd never noticed before. Now I am well, and on the track to getting healthy again, I am now so tuned into my body and its reactions to this sort of stuff that I notice it's effects every single day. It is a low-level discomfort, which is why I am able to ignore it. Why we're all able to ignore it.

When I was sick with chronic fatigue syndrome, I could only be on the computer for half an hour at a time before these vague feelings of low-level discomfort kicked in, a hard to describe feeling where it felt like the electricals in my body were being revved up. Fatigued, brainfogged, while at the same time sort of edgy, sort of ... well, wired.

The healthier I feel the less I notice it. But that's not to say that it's not affecting me just because I don't notice it. Because even when I don't notice it I still ... well, notice it. Not consciously, maybe, but get me out somewhere where there is less electricity and mobile phones and wireless internet connections zapping through my body and baby, I notice it. Suddenly I realise what our poor old bodies are subjected to, living in the cracked twenty first century.

It's enough to make me really, seriously, honestly want to move to the country, eat a lot of peaches, and be able to think and function clearly without all this damn extra interference.

There will always be the cry of "over-reaction" to this. We love our technology too much. But there is ample evidence that subjecting our bodies to electrical frequencies that they never even experienced 100 years ago - it's not really rocket science to presume that all of this stuff could be having an effect.

Because I can feel it. I can feel it on the train with everyone's bloody mobile phones working at once. I could feel it when I had wireless internet access. And now there is more wireless than ever with McDonald's and other places with their wireless hotspots, not to mention cordless phones and the like. And it may sound kooky and flaky, but I'm sick of it making me feel kooky and flaky in my own bloody body.


  1. You're freaking me out, woman!

  2. Yeah, it's pretty freaky stuff, huh.

  3. Hmmm... not an April Fool's post, is it?

    I think you're right about us all being inundated with various sorts of radiation. It can't possibly be good over the long term. In 50 years we'll all likely have 3 ears or something.

    Thanks for the snippet of John Prine lyric in there. I had forgotten how much I love that song off his debut album... way back in the day. Found this for you - - enjoy.

    ( a more recent CD of his that I really liked is a bunch of duets with various country / bluegrass female singers called 'In Spite of Ourselves'. Highly recommended. )

  4. Naw, not April Fools, unfortunately, though it might sound like it :) And who the hell is John Prine? I may have snippetted his lyric, but I never heard of him in my entire life :)

    Hang on, off to watch youtube

    Ahhh I see where the reference is now. No, it wasn't to this song. The peaches reference was to the song, Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America, which is much less endearing than your song and much more disturbing, being as it is a story about someone making love to fruit.

    Hey, this song is really cute. Classier than mine, too :) I've never hard of this dude before but looks like three pages of YouTubers have. Like his lyrics :)

  5. Prine has been around since the early / mid 70's and I saw him play Toronto back around 85. He has a great way with lyrics: sometimes wry and humorous; others poignant and slightly sad. Always interesting.... a few suggestions if you see them listed:
    Hello In There
    Angel From Montgomery
    There's a Hole (in Daddy's Arm)
    In Spite of Ourselves


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