Throat Chakras and Dung Beetles and Speaking Your Own Truth

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Several months ago at my art therapy session I was doing some quick drawings representing each of the main chakras. I am rather interested in what I drew to represent the throat chakra. Last night I messed around with it again, trying to understand what I could possibly have meant by it. Why would I draw something which looks rather like a cabaret-singing dung beetle to represent the part of me that is all about speaking my own truth?

Dung beetles eat poo. Perhaps it is some sort of long-range vision to myself that I can speak my own shit? :) LOL I don't know. It's all rather curious. In ancient Egypt the dung beetle was sacred, and held connotations of becoming, of coming into being, transformation. Perhaps this was what I was tapping into. All I know is that my flamboyant dung beetle is indulging in some curly faecal disposal of it's own. Perhaps it's all about using the shit within, eating it up, bitter in the mouth and sweet in the stomach, disposing it out the other end? (Perhaps I'm just spouting shit :)

I find it fascinating, this inner world, the crap that comes out of it :) Heh


  1. what a fantabulous looking dung beetle

  2. That is a lovely drawing! I think maybe you have a sense that there have to be people who are willing to break down the crap, or we'd be up to our ears in it.

  3. Kel - haha, thanks

    Erin - thanks. Hmmm, yes, I do have that sense! So much crap everywhere it's like giant walls. We need billions of dung beetles to break it down :)

  4. (I linked here from today's post). I see an angel bending over forwards, picking up two large rocks. For what it's worth.

  5. That's a nice thing to see.  That angel has pretty nice wings, eh :)


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