Monday, 1 June 2009

All the king's horses
All the king's men
Could not drag me
Back again
To Adelaide
Paul Kelly ~ Adelaide

You know, there's an awful lot of pretentious nonsense that goes on with people about size. Melburnians generally consider their town a cut way above Adelaide's. And of course I agree myself because that is the city that I have grown up in, and I love it dearly. But bigger ain't always better when it comes to size.

Adelaide is sort of like a large country town, really. A really really large country town. But hey, that's a way big compliment. When we flew in on the plane, I was sorta charmed. Flying in over the bay, Adelaide is bounded by the sea on one side and the hills on the other. Like, 49 million times sweeter than the descent into Melbourne and Tullamarine Airport.

Still, the eye of beholder sees beauty not just simply in the aesthetic but also in the known. Is it not true that people dearly loved become more attractive to you than before you loved them dearly? This whole emphasis on size thang sort of loses its lustre when your roads are becoming clogged and there's bloody people everywhere getting up each other's noses. People on the whole are friendlier and more relaxed here than in Melbourne (except for the tossbags at AAMI Stadium, but then sport makes everyone a doofus to some degree ;)

My auntie lives about an hour's drive away from Adelaide. To get here from the outskirts of Adelaide she goes through something like two or three sets of traffic lights the whole way.

I'm not so bedazzled by size anymore (unless it's chocolate bars). I'm more interested in friendliness than impressiveness. And I quite like this place.

I think I might stay :)


  1. I love your description of it...I think I'd like it better than Melbourne. What's a tossbag?

  2. Yeah, it's pretty daggy here though. Not particularly trendy. But like I give a shit about that.

    And it's true. Melbourne is way better than Adelaide :)

    A tossbag? Goodness, woman. do I need to supply you with a dictionary? :) A tossbag is ... well, a wanker :)

  3. Congratulations Sue! You are the winner on Apples 2 Apples! :)

  4. Generally I get the meaning of your Aussie slang by the context.

    So I did some looking and that IS a REALLY big country town. Huge. Doesn't seem like so bad of a place, reminds me of Portland...except drier.


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