Art Attack - Mandala

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Kel's having a mandala art attack over at her place. I dashed this off before. The colours don't look so great here, look much better in actuality but I can't fit A3 pages into my scanner.

I have so much fun messing about with this sort of stuff. Relaxing into enjoying just doing it without getting all worked up that I'm not all that good at it :) It's a nice feeling to allow yourself to mess with stuff just because it's fun (that is not a cue to pep me up in the comments, by the way. It is a fact that I am a bit retarded with a paintbrush, but I am lovin' it! :)


  1. i love that you are playing with art! it is such amazing and powerful stuff. my mandala is up at lucy creates!

  2. sue, you have developed a unique style of work, it's a delight watching your creativity unfurl

    this mandala makes me feel like i'm part of a special gathering, and reminds me of stonehenge

    thanks for playing :)

  3. Lucy - it is amazing and powerful stuff, isn't it, artplaying. So necessary for us to do just to enter into what it means to be human. It's such a gift. It makes me wonder how people who are creative can still believe that there is no God - for me, it just all speaks so clearly of the cosmic dance with God flowing through us.

    Kel - thank you kindly, lovely woman. Stonehenge, hehe :) There is an element of that to it :)

  4. Very cool in all it's warm tones. I hope you have a good spot to hang it. It deserves to be seen on a regular basis.

  5. That's beautiful Sue. Serious. It's lovely.

    Does the dark figure in the center represent anything? It seems to have purpose.

  6. Norm - what, this old thing? Heh :) Thank you, it's in my visual diary.

    Erin - what, this old thing? Heh :) I don't know what that dark figure is. Maybe it's a giant "E" for Erin :) I like what Kel said about it reminding her of Stonehenge. I have no idea :)

  7. I would love that it would be an E, but E only has three legs, or arms, or whatever, in case you hadn't noticed. :)

    I can see stonehenge in it, too, but I wondered what inspired that in YOUR perception, not ours. Be it just a pretty shape that came off the paintbrush, that's ok too. I was just wondering.

  8. You know what, Erin, I have absolutely no idea what it is all about. I honestly don't. But when I do these things that don't mean anything, it feels very intentional.

    I think I might take this one along to my art therapy session and see if Maggie can help me unpack it a bit more. It amazes me how much hidden stuff there is staring me right in the fact when I go looking ;)

  9. Well since you're not fishing for compliments I'm not going to say anything about whether you're retarded with a paintbrush. (Although of course you're not!)
    I love the permission-giving side of all this, that I've been relaxing about as well - "messing about" can be extremely fruitful as well as fun.
    I've been collaging in circles over at Pilgrim's Moon. It was indeed fun!


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