The Coaster of Rolling

Friday, 29 May 2009

8pm ~ Lie in couch sobbing. Sobbing and sobbing and wondering what is happening with my life and yada yada yada (except it didn't feel like yada yada yada. It felt real and horrible). Maybe I'm going through menopause. Maybe I'm just really bloody melodramatic. Maybe I'm like really precious and just feel everything too much like Dr Smith in Lost in Space.

9pm ~ Fall asleep on couch.

9.30pm ~ Wake up and watch TV and read a book about creative people and how they despair if everything isn't full of meaning for them. Wonder what on earth the book is talking about.

11pm ~ Recover. Go into playroom. Make fourth attempt at sculpture.

1am ~ Oops. Up too late again. Feeling tired and happy because Music Head sculpture is finished after working on it all week and I likes it! Hope when I stuffed the wadded up newspaper into the inside of the head to keep it upright that I haven't mucked it all up.

1.30 ~ Write self indulgent blog post about a whole lot of dullness.

1.40 ~ Go to bed :) Exhausted from another day of the coaster of rolling


  1. :(

    Let's face it. Life sucks.

    But, its also pretty wonderful sometimes. I hope that dang roller coaster gets less up and down and all around for you. Its exhausting to feel so much, but some of us are just made that way.

  2. It's not melodramatic if you need to sob. Sometimes it's impossible to realise there is anything other than the extremes. And I often think it must be worse to be always in the middle, sort of grey.

  3. goodness me you are a night owl
    glad the clay play made your heart gladder :)

  4. Which book is that...the Van Gogh one? I need to read it because I was just going through that myself...

  5. Barbara - yeah, I hope it lets up too. Yours is even more nuts than mine so I wish it for us both! :)

    Tess - maybe you're right, oh, fellow artistic temperament. And you're right, I would rather experience it than fall into the murk of grey :)

    Kel - thanks. Yes, never fails to work, really, messin' with ye olde clay :)

    Erin - it is that one, yeah. It's worth a read, I think. I hope your own ride has stopped now?


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