For Naggin' Norman

Sunday 10 May 2009

Nag, nag, nag :)

I did this mandala a week ago. It took bloody ages.

It's so crooked. I am very unhappy about it being crooked. I'm happy with the design, though I am not entirely happy with the colours. Who needs critics when you have yourself, huh?.

I think the outside looks like sewing.


  1. How does one begin creating a mandala?

  2. Well, I got a cake tin to draw my circle with :) (It took me ages to find something big enough, LOL). If you want to do your own, what I try to do is measure the centre of the circle and begin there, however you want, and work your way out. I sort of worked my way out and at the same time worked my way in, but it all went a bit pear shaped anyway.

    There are also lots of pre-made mandalas online that you can print out and colour or paint or whatever to get the taste of it. They are very relaxing and therapeutic.

  3. sue - when I look at the centre I see two 'people', and I'm particularly drawn to the pink 'birds' surrounding the blue circle

    barbara - an easy way to draw a circle of any size is to use a piece of string with a pencil attached to one end, simply place one end of string on your centre point on the paper, then extend the string to full length and draw around
    that is of course, if what one is concerned with is a straight circle ;-)

  4. Oh, yeah. Two people bashing each other up. Great.

    That is a much easier way of doing things! I actually thought of that originally but I couldnt find any string.

    String. I was walking round the house going, "I know I have string." But I couldn't find it anywhere. String is one of those things that stresses me out. Where do you put it? There are 146 different places you could put it. Hence not finding it :)

  5. Thanks Sue - try to think of it not so much as nagging; more like charming reminders. :)

    Hey! I like it!! Freeform, good colour range. It looks even better when you right click and open in a new window - full sized.

    I see Kel's 2 people - co-mingling; looks cozy.

    If I get around to doing more this week I'll post as well. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Haha, Norm :)

    Thanks. Funny, you see co-mingling people, I see people belting each other. You can see how rather opposed to the idea of intimacy I am at the moment, hah.

    Actually, I had a dream the other night I was having a rather passionate kiss with David Tennant (Dr Who). It was really nice! :)

  7. (riddled with irony and cynicism)
    What would I know about intimacy? I'm married, fergawdsake!

    Fortunate for you that you remember your dreams; I'm unable to.

    Can't recall ever seeing an episode of Dr Who but I recognize him from one of the H. Potter movies. Not your average Hollywood idol type.

  8. heh heh
    i saw co-mingling too

    roflol norm :)

  9. Norm - no, he's not your average Hollywood type, thankfully :)

    Kel - okay, okay, I can see it now you mention it. LOL.


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