Lucid Dreaming

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Have you ever had a lucid dream - one where you know you are dreaming and you can control the events? I have had one ... well, sort of one a half. The half one, I was being chased in a dark industrial zone and I got to a chain link fence and remembered how in a past dream I had been able to push off from my feet and hover in the air and fly. Sort of like a part 2 dream. Being able to evade the evilnesses was very fun and rather empowering. I can still remember how it felt in my body, to be able to push off and fly that way. It was effortless, just what I did. Hovering felt really cool too. It all felt so natural.

The completely lucid dream happened sometime last year or the year before. I walked into a room where a man in his twenties or so was sitting at a desk writing something. I remember thinking, "Okay, who am I going to make this, then?" And I can remember consciously thinking, "Hmmm, okay, I will make him my son." Weird :) And then we proceeded to have a conversation where I was conscious the whole time I was dreaming.

A few nights ago I dreamed of David Tennant. We were snogging. It was really lovely! Ever since then I feel sort of funny, like it really happened. I want to go back there. I have lucid dreamt before and so tonight I want to be able to say: "Here I am, pushing off from the ground, hovering. Isn't this lovely. Oooh, look, here's David Tennant again, back for another snog." That's what I want to happen, but I'm not banking on it.

I have tried in the past saying to myself before I go to sleep, "Tonight, I am going to dream about Rod Stewart." But so far it has never happened. I know some people are able to do this sort of thing. They say it is an art you can develop within yourself. How cool to be able to lie down and tell myself to dream that I am a man, or a 14th century herbalist, or in Bulgaria, or that I am a plank of wood or a hair in someone's nostril. Or to combine them all and tell myself to dream that I am a hair in the nostril of a male, Bulgarian 14th century herbalist. Surreal stuff, you know, instead of the dull crap I usually dream about. An inordinate amount of my dreams are logistical, involving catching some form of public transport).

How about you? Ever had a lucid dream?


  1. So interesting, we were talking about this at my Enneagram workshop last weekend.

    When I was a child I used to have the first kind of dream you mention quite a lot. I had terrible nightmares, but there would come a point when I would think "I'm dreaming" and I knew that if I got into the room next door and tipped over a little red wooden lorry (try saying that fast when you've had a few drinks!) with my foot, I would wake up.

    I've had one or two dreams recently in which part of me has been aware "this is an important dream, I must remember it". But no, I've never been able to have lucid dreams deliberately. I have tried.

    And no David Tennant - shame, that would be nice, he's so cool. (I'm 56 and I still say "cool". There's no hope.) I wonder how celebrities would feel about being our dream puppets.

  2. You are entirely wild. Shameless and wild!

    I think I have had one of those, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember it.

  3. lots and lots. I remember most of the dreams I had even 25 years ago. Most of them repeated themselves.


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