Planting Seeds

Monday, 4 May 2009

That tiny little dot in my hand is a broccoli seed.

I have felt strong resistance to getting out and planting seeds. Such a small thing, and I have procrastinated for several weeks about it. Weirdness. My art therapist assured me she still feels exactly the same sort of seed-planting resistance even after years of gardening.

She thinks the resistance is performance anxiety.

Ridiculous but potentially true - I possibly procrastinate planting my seeds because somewhere in my befuddled mind I worry they will not sprout. What a dick.

The process is very simple. It takes 15 minutes to pour seed raising mix into a seedling tray, make little furrows, and put your seeds in the furrows. Then you mark the spots with your little plastic ID sticks that you have written on in pencil ~ broccoli, cabbage, kale, leek, cauliflower ~ cover over the furrows with a bit more soil and that's it. I planted about 40 seeds today.

The seed tray just looks like a pile of dirt with nothing going on in it. There's a universe in there.

I caught up with B again yesterday. She was the lady who gave me some strawberry plants a few weeks ago. This time she came to my place and gave me some seeds, and some pak choi and marigold seedlings (marigolds are good to plant with your vegetables as they invite good bugs into the garden and keep away some nasty ones).

B drags her husband outside to admire her minuscule little seedlings that are, like, 5 mm high and have sprung up in less than a week, astoundingly.

"It makes me feel like God," she laughed.

I understand. All creative acts can cause delirium and dizziness if you stand up too quickly :) Even the ones where you're just shovin' in the seed :)


  1. Good for you for planting! I'm glad you overcame the anxiety. I haven't planted anything in years. That tiny little seed is really gonna be brocolli? That really is mind boggling.

  2. wow - looks like you might be giving away an abundance of brocolli on freecycle soon :)


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