Swine Flu Vaccine

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

So. Swine flu. Out of the entire world, 92 people have died. NINETY TWO PEOPLE. And the US government has just paid 190 million bucks to have a swine flu vaccine developed.

One hundred and ninety million dollars. For something which is sending people into a spin and closing down schools and stuff. For what? For a flu. A flu that has killed only NINETY TWO PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE BLOODY WORLD!!!!

But wait. The WHO warns us that this thing could mutate in strange ways. Who knows what might happen? Best to freak out, just to be on the safe side.

We're a real bunch of lily-livers these days, aren't we? Wonder how we would cope if we were living in 1918 when MILLIONS of people died from that flu pandemic. That's a pandemic to get worked up over, folks.

Come on, people, now, smile on your brother instead of freaking on him. Even if he is one of the 13,000 people in the world who HAS got swine flu, he's got a pretty good chance of living on to fight another day, seeing only NINETY TWO PEOPLE have died in the entire world.


The world is creeping me out. What's the deal with people SO fearful? I actually think people WANT to be fearmongered. Why? Is it some sort of superstitious thing that if we worry about things then we will stop them from happening to us?

I dunno. The whole thing has me baffled. The media just grows fatter, feeding on our fear. Maybe one day it will grow so fat it will explode, like that Monty Python man in The Meaning of Life. Here's hoping :) In the meantime, it makes me vomit.

Exploding man - 6:01


  1. No shit. Sorry, but seriously. I'd love to see everyone even 10% as freaked out about starvation or genocide, or hell, even high-fructose corn syrup. Because they all harm millions more people each year. I'm not saying there isn't a scary-element to the swine flu, but get a grip people!

  2. Sue,

    I was always surrounded by guys who loved to quote from Monty Python as a teenager. Though I didn't share their complete infatuation with all things MP, that one scene always cracked me up. All you have to say to me is "one more eensy weesny teensy tinsy after dinner mint..." and I still get hardly controllable giggles.

    As for piggy flu, there's an prominent article over at mercola.com that I have found interesting.

    Cheryl Marie

  3. Erin - it's a bit of a disconnect, isn't it, how much we are able to be sidetracked off what really matters. Did you mean that people should be scared about "hell AND high-fructose corn syrup" or "hell, they should be scared about high-fructose corn syrup" :D

    Yeah, that's the thing, when you criticise this sometimes people say things like, "But there is danger here!" As if by criticising the level you are criticising the content. Thing is, when it's at this level, as the whole SF story is still, it's GOTTA make you wonder, and ask pertinent questions that need asking.

    Cheryl Marie - hello there :) Haha, yes, I knew someone who could quote the movies in their entirety, pretty much. I wouldn't go that far either, LOL, but that sort of stupid slapstick hilarity is what they should put on the news occasionally instead of swine flu stories, heh :)

    Yeah, I read that mercola.com article. Good stuff.

  4. Sue, you are so on target. It nauseates me to think about how many, many ways that money could be spent to truly make a difference.

    Seriously, I think we are addicted to fear. It makes us feel important. It gives us something to focus on besides the mundane grindig of the everyday machine. The problem is, we're majorly O.D.-ing on fear.

    You have a knack for writing this serious stuff and still making me laugh. Was I supposed to laugh at all??

  5. We are addicted to fear, aren't we!! It seems so weird to consider that it is an addiction, because what does it give us?

    Well, I guess when I think about it, it gives us reasons to sit right where we are and not do anything else. I gues it gives us a lot, really.

    Yeah, you were supposed to laugh, LOL. I'm glad you did :)


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