What's That All About?

Friday, 29 May 2009

Every time I go away, whether for a weekend or a fortnight, every time without fail the night before I sort of half don't want to go. Never feel enthusiastic about it. I dislike packing, get particularly anal about it ... but even that can't explain away the sense of unease I feel before doing something enjoyable.

What a fruit


  1. I guess I am a fruit too. I rarely look forward to going away to do something fun. I don't know exactly why. I AM however, looking forward to my upcoming trip.

  2. i hate packing too - a lot!! and my husband is a bear for days before he gets ready to leave town including wonderful, fabulous places. what's that all about??? great question. nonetheless, wishing you happy and safe travels!!

  3. Ha ha !!! you got a list before hand of what you need to take? My guess is YES!!!

  4. Barbara - it's such a weird thing to not look forward to going away. I think I must be a bit more of a creature of habit than I like to think :) I'm looking forward to your upcoming trip too! :)

    Lucy - I'm glad I'n not the only one. I feel better knowing your husband turns into a bear before going away.

    Mark - I only had a tiny list that included a few things I thought I would forget. Sigh. It's hard being so drearily anal :)


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