Bedtime Stories

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

This is my mummy, Joy, reading a story to her great niece, Chelsea. Who reminds me so much of me when I was little. Screws her face up the same. Same hair. Same stubborn will :)

This makes me sort of clucky, looking at this. I stayed at Chelsea's mum & dad's place on Monday night. Chelse had three costume changes before Tuesday lunchtime, all centred around the colour pink :)

On Monday afternoon, Chelsea's mum Janine and me engaged in some bartering. I fixed up her computer for her and got the wireless router installed. She gave me a riding lesson. Good teacher, too. And a good horse, Norman. Stopped every time I got unbalanced. Which was, like, once every three seconds.

Janine told me to come back and stay for a fortnight and she'll have me trotting well by the end of it. Think that'll be an offer I'll be taking up :)


  1. Lucky you! I love to ride but haven't in like 15 years.

  2. Yeah, it had been 15 years for me, too. But I was a beginner from the start, so yeah :)

    I hope you somehow find yourself on the back of a horse sometime soon, if you loves it :)


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