Saturday, 27 June 2009

You know, this would not have happened when I was sick. Getting up at 5.30 and actually being up and not feeling too bad? It just wouldn't have happened.

I have been stressing all week about having to be up at this hour. Turns out the stress has been actually worse than the reality because I've managed to slip in about six hours' sleep.

Which is good, 'cos I need to not drive off the road on the way to Horsham to my cousin's funeral. My dear cuz Andrea is as we speak worming her way across to my house to pick me up. We are thinking about maybe staying up there the night. Perhaps the combination of getting up ungodly and driving four uninspiring hours to Horsham (how aptly named; what else is there to do there but bonk?) will have us conked late afternoon, unable to return in the evening. That's not such a bad idea anyway, apart from the cost of a motel room. But then, I have borrowed so much money off my mum this week (rego and insurance) that another hundred bucks isn't gonna make much of a dent.

Don't miss me too much. If you miss me too much while I'm gone, you can always console yourself in your grief with what I've posted here :)


  1. Ahh I did not realize that's what the 5:30 was about on FB.

    My heart will be with you and your family. Safe travels.

  2. Bless you sweetie, I pray that you have a very fruitful trip

  3. Hey Sue, I was already missing you before you left. Sorry to hear about your cousin.

  4. Thanks all of you lovely peeps. It was a lovely funeral in the end.


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