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Friday 3 July 2009

It's a strange phenomenon but as soon as I see something has a logo, I do not want to be a member of it any more.

(Of course I make an exception for Communitas, hehe :)

It feels sort of like the same as Groucho Marx saying he doesn't want to be a member of any group that will have him as a member, hehe :) Maybe I'm just being some privileged middle-class tryin' to be cool emergent sort of person, I dunno. But it feels to me like the less organised, the better. The less red tape, the less you can feel yourselves all being sucked into the inevitable system of conformity.


Anyone starting a revolution anytime soon? I need a bit of excitement :)

Hey, happy Friday everyone. Wheeeeeee!!! I am looking forward to the weekend, doing some sculpting, doing an artist date, doing movie going, doing footy going (my football team's Premiership hangover continues. We are, I fear, already in preseason training for 2010), doing vacuuming, doing impro watching, doing art therapy, doing banana bread making, doing enjoying myself and having some fun, yah!

I'll go a revolution, though, if there's one going on Sunday afternoon between my artist date and Sunday Arts on the teev ;)


  1. We have the anniversary of a revolution tomorrow in the states, is that good enough? I love the irony, it's only been 230 years and now England is one of our closest allies. Cool. Talk about forgiveness.

    OK what were we talking about? Oh yeah, well, I have had an ongoing distaste for anything organized enough to have a logo for about 3 years. Anything that calls itself a movement, an organization, a way. I suppose the diff with CC is simple, we aren't promoting a way, we are promoting NOT having a way. Then again, I suppose that *could* be a way in a sense...I dunno.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Susie! Oh and I got my copy of VanGogh Blues from the library finally. I read only two pages and was aghast at how I saw myself. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. it's an interesting post Sue
    and interesting comment Erin

    humans by nature are pack animals
    it's inevitable that groups of anti-logo, anti-organised religion, anti-anything will form and create their own rules (even if unspoken, or unlogo-ised)

    the minute a group has a name it starts to become a 'brand'

    same scenarious played out
    just using different jargon


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