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Friday, 17 July 2009

My blog bud Kel has a ripper post going on. I encourage you to head over and read it for yourself, but here is a snippet:

Recently I started a new job in arts administration at a regional gallery. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to find such similarities between the art world and the church world.

The first thing everyone asks me on the job is, "What is your background in the arts?" or, "Are you an artist?" Because people like to pigeon-hole with definitions, I like to throw a spanner in their works. The conversation goes a little like this:

But you'll have to head over there to read the rest :)


  1. I read it, loved her response. Kel is one of the first bloggers I ever read years ago but for some reason stopped reading there! Don't know why. I like her a lot (she reminds me a bit of you!)

  2. thanks for the linkback Sue
    this was one of those "write what you know" things . . . you know? How satisfying to find others resonate with issues i feel strongly about. Perhaps Barbara is right - you and i are on the same wavelength about some things.

    Barbara, maybe you got sick of all my posts about building a house!?! ;-) Nice to know you've been back in for another look now that life has returned to "normal" ...

  3. Barbara - You used to read Kel's blog? Cool! Yeah, she is a pretty good read. Thanks for the compliment :)

    Kel - yeah, write what you know always has that Colgate ring of confidence, doesn't it :) It is always a surprise when others respond to those pieces of writing, I find - lovely feeling :)

    I agree, we do share the same wavelength in some things, definitely :)

  4. "They know the head stuff, but have never ventured into the heart stuff."

    Best part of the post, that right there. And spot on.

  5. Yeah, Sabre. Like two different universes, aren't they.


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