Art Attack: Find a Face

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Kel has invited us to find faces in everyday objects. Now, I know the clouds aren't really classified as an everday object, but I just saw this boy when I looked outside before:

Thanks for the link to this site by the way, Kel - cute :)


  1. mr x and I were just debating it and the simpsons came up in our observation too

    well done Sue

  2. I didn't think Bart Simpson till you two did, but I see it now :)

  3. so there's two boys in your photo?

  4. I see two a comic face and one a little more real - a little eerie to be honest ....

  5. LOL this is quite fascinating haha.

    Okay, the face I originally saw, and which I presume Barbara and Kel were saying was a Bart Simpson face, is sitting directly above that little snaggle of tree limbs near where the flat bit of roof connects to the bit on the right.

    But the more I look, I see another face on the same level but to the left of that original one,which has these giant lips, haha :)

    And then I see a third one above that, in all the grey, on the very lef-hand edge of the photo. Was that the one you were referring to Mark??

  6. new game
    find that face :)

    turtle face:
    turn the bart simpson eyes into nostril holes, so there's a big flat nose with an eye to the right and dark mouth (same mouth as Bart's)

    flying boy:
    using the bart reference point, look to the left to find a boy's side profile, chin, nose, ear, and thick dark hair, with the line of clouds forming a horizontal chest (hence the flying bit)

    hmm, you've found a picture with multiple personalities :)

  7. Hmm... in the left half, central part, I see a boy looking to the right - incredibly likelike to the point of almost being a slightly fuzzy old photo and I see a small girl, all in gray, leaning over his right shoulder and whispering in his ear...

    Make of that what you will. ;)

  8. A very dazed looking Donald Duck after one too many hits on the bong.

    Make of that what you will:)... but look again at those pinpoint pupils. Yeah, stoner....

  9. Does anyone else see the delicate white face (in profile) emerging from the ridge of the roof on the right?

  10. oops, when seen at full size, the delicate face disappears in a glob of molten stuff. Never mind. ;)

  11. This is hilarious!! :)

    Kel, I can't see your turtle face at all. I can see your flying boy - he looks like he's smoking a cigarette :)

    KG - I can't see yours either!!! LOL

    Norm - yeah, I think that's the same face I am seeing.

    Barbara - ooh, yeah, I see that face!! Haha! I quite like him. I wonder if he will be there when I just look outside with my eyes?

    PS: Do you say aboot the way Leonard Cohen does?


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