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Monday, 3 August 2009

Seen over at Cindy's this very early Monday morning:

And I know that He makes my thought-life beautiful when I am open all the day to Him. If I throw these mind-windows apart and say to God, "what shall we think of now?" he answers always in some graceful, tender dream. And I know that God is love hungry, for he is constantly pointing me to some dull, dead soul which he has never reached and wistfully urges me to help Him reach that stolid, tight shut mind. Oh God, how I long to help you with these Moros. And with these Americans! And with these Filipinos! All day I see souls dead to God look sadly Out of hungry eyes. I want them to know my discovery! That any minute can be paradise, that any place can be heaven! That any man can have God! That every man does have God the moment he speaks to God, or listens for him!

Frank Laubauch

I am so far from this so much of the time. Sometimes I feel like I have put on this mind of Christ and everything is terribly simple and everything is beautiful and it is really just about living in this mind where I am able to blessedly put myself aside in live in love for others. And I get a glimpse of the new heavens and the new earth.

The last year or so I have been so preoccupied with my own stuff, with doing the necessary deep work. I get sidetracked from the simplicity of life lived in him. The reminder of it all is very sweet.

I am grateful for reading this very early on a Monday morning (or late on a Sunday night), drinking a cup of tea before bed in my dressing gown. Outside it rains.


  1. I like the phrase he uses "mind-windows".

    You're right, I'm sure, we over-complicate massively. But that's probably part of the journey.

  2. Yeah, the mind-windows is beautiful. Makes me think of a diamond, all those little facets facing different ways.

    Yes, I agree. The over-complications have jewels of learning of their own contained in them. I hate that thought and I love it in equal measure heh :)

    It is a great mystery, this journey :)


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