Lounge Room Yoga Session

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tonight I did another online yoga session with the lovely Diane. Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours four days in a row takes its toll on my body (just like riding horses and saving the world takes its toll on poor old Pierce Brosnan's skin. Aren't those L'oreal ads bloody awful? Get over yourself you stupid old coot. The future of your skin is not in your bloody hands. It doesn't matter how much product you slather on your skin, you're still gonna DIE just like the rest of us, with your skin all saggy and wrinkled and bagged up like scrunched up paper.)

Probably better for your skin to do yoga rather than buy yet another jar of something containing retin-A, urea, a few magical secret ingredients and the dessicated lungs of squirrels. There must be something to yoga. You see those yoga heads that have been doing it for 30 years straight and they're 60 and they look 40.

I did a session last Thursday night and it felt so good to stretch out my body. Today, while I ached my way through sitting with my body prone and my fingers flying, I swore I would come home and hang out with Diane again. I like her style, her deep breathy relaxing voice with her continual encouragement to not be a bloody cowboy. As I've said before, I like the humility of yoga. Some poses I find very easy. Others I can't even get halfway to where I want to be. To only do what your body can do sounds like it's simple and easy and logical but it's not always so.

There are pros and cons about lounge room yoga. It don't cost nuffink except my internet connection. That is beneficial when I realise, as today, that it is 16 weeks to Christmas and I have to start saving so I can have some time off seeing my job does not pay me holiday pay. The beauty too of lounge room yoga is that no one else is around to hear you grunt and fart - although I must say, these asanas are very gentle and beginners level so no untoward noises are happening so far.

The wonders of a yoga studio are having an instructor to show you where you may be going wrong. And it is delightful being in a group all doing the same thing, a lovely energy. This I miss.

The beauty of a yoga studio is that dogs are not allowed in them. It is nice to stretch yourself into different poses without your dog trying to hump you, bite you and bark at you, and then sit on the couch and stare at you. Most disconcerting.

Yoga studio classes for me in January, I feel :)


  1. I love the dogscription! Cats would be slightly more peaceful, restraining themselves probably to kneading your spine, with the occasional extended claw just to make sure you've noticed...

    Overheard at a party:

    "What do you do, then?"

    "Me? Oh, I'm a squirrel lung desiccator. You?"

  2. Haha! Yes! You painted the cat reaction very well, I think :)

    I wonder how the squirrel lung dessicators are going in the "global" financial "crisis" :)


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