Sonia Gregorii

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Meet Sonia Gregorii. Her father was a boab, her mother was a weirdo :) Not sure about the branches yet, I'm not convinced they are right. I like the idea though, and may continue playing with it. Can't seem to ditch this tree/person with cool fat feet thing :)

I had a funny intersection with food and this sculpture last week. I bought some chia seeds. Never heard of them before but they are one of the superfoods the Aztecs were adept at growing. These tiny little seeds pack a punch. Full of omega 3's (the good fats), vitamins, proteins. Good to help regulate your blood sugar. Give you energy. Mixed with water they go all gelatinous and the resulting gel can be used in place of oil or butter in cooking. Pretty nifty and handy little things and I shall be buying them again.

When I was looking up info about the seeds after I bought them, I had just begun adding branches to this sculpture. When I saw that the seeds can be sprouted in all sorts of weird and wonderful places, I just knew with a jolt that after I get this girl fired, I'm gonna be spreading me chia seeds all along her boughs and have myself my own chia tree :)

Funny how things intersect, sometimes. Food and sculpture.


  1. those cool fat feet look quite grounded to me

    'Sonia' reminds me of the trees around the coast, leaning to one side as a result of growing in the prevailing offshore winds


    When I was a kid you could mail order the original Chia Pet. The commercials were ususally on cartoon shows or late night movies.

    I like your sculpture. Maybe you could describe the steps in getting it this far along. Looks like the branches could have been cut from flattened layers of clay.

  3. ...or not. Now that I've looked again the branches are round, not flat.

    Anyway, interested in hearing more about the process.....

  4. She's positively gorgeous, even if she is of mixed race. I think she would make a perfect chia tree.

    I too love the fat, well grounded feet, but there is something really cool about the grounded feet, but the branches that are still reaching.

  5. I never know what I will find when I look at your blog - something profoundly spiritual, something wildly funny, something melancholy, or....a tree/woman with fat feet. It looks like it's the latter!

    I love Sonia Gregorii. She has character, attitude, and her feet firmly planted on the ground.

  6. Kel - ahh, yes, I like that analogy very much. Swaying in the prevailing offshores. Dancing, like, in the tornado :)

    Norm - Ummm, how I went about it? Well, I did the feet first separately. Then the body was a flattened out piece of clay that I moulded into shape, and then the branches I just shaped from a ball of clay and rolled them out, and then scraped them to make them look more tree-like. Not sure about them, to be honest. But I will get it fired and see what happens. I don't know if I have explained it very well :)

    Erin - thanks! Yeah, nice combo of groundedness and sky reaching. I do like that idea :)

    Sherry - yes, I guess there is always something different here, haha. Today it was a bitch session which I hope didn't piss you off too much, haha :)

  7. Sue, I think Sonia is just the grooviest. And she will be all the more so when she gets her chia sprouts on.

    Coincidently, I got my chia seeds in the mail a couple of days ago too. I have my own gelatinous goo in the fridge which I have been adding to smoothies.

    Have fun with this Sue!

  8. Cheryl Marie - how coincidental is that? Have you just come across them yourself? Let me know how you go with them. I gave my mum some the other day and she had stomach cramps, which seems a bit strange to me.


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