Tenty Questions

Monday, 14 September 2009

  1. Anyone tried the blood type diet and notice any difference?

  2. I wonder why I am a grumpier sick person now than I was before I had CFS? On the one hand I can say because I had over six consecutive years of feeling awful and I am OVER IT, and that all the old memories come back whenever I am ill. On the other hand, illness is a fact of life and having the expectation that I won't ever feel unwell ever again is just setting me up to be curmudgeonly. On the third, more philosophical hand, keeping the second hand in mind, I could look at the situation in the way that whenever I am unwell these days it never lasts more than a week or two consecutively, and so therefore I have an end in sight to these periods of illness that I did not have in the CFS years. Therefore, that remembrance and perspective giver should by rights make me feel happier, and less curmudgeonly and just relax into what IS. But it just doesn't happen in that lovely logical way. I HATE feeling unwell, it feels like SHIT. I lose all PERSPECTIVE, I write lots in CAPITALS, and the fact that I am CUT OFF from my CREATIVITY adds an extra tinge of CRAP to it all and is probably the thing that makes me feel curmudgeonly the most. (This question is actually a rhetorical one and you do not need to answer it unless you wish to do so.)

  3. Do we ever stop being kids to our parents? I just rang my Mum up before to ask her what my blood type was. She wanted to know why I thought she would know such a thing. She was also in the middle of her dinner (a roast. If I'd known it was a roast I would have gone over there, even though I struggle every time I eat meat now to pretend it's not a dead animal). I thought all parents knew what their kids' blood types were. Do you know what your kid(s) blood types are? (This could technically be two questions, but this makes up for the one above which is rhetorical. Feel free to answer both, or none, or one, or half of each, or make up your own question and answer it. Up to you.)

  4. I love the word 'curmudgeonly'. I get GK Chesterton in my mind for some illogical reason because as far as I know, he wasn't particularly curmudgeonly. He just looked curmudgeonly. Well, actually, I don't even know if that's right. I think he rather looked portly rather than curmudgeonly. I look portly. I wish I would stop eating and start losing, for God's sake. I hate being a portly curmudgeon. Do you have any words you love, that you roll around on your tongue after you say them?

  5. What's something that has touched you recently?

  6. Do you ever get tired of the results of science journal articles that then get published as magazine and newspaper articles saying, "Do not eat bananas! They contain too much sugar"? And so everyone stops eating bananas until the next study that's done where it's found that bananas are an amazing source of potassium and so then everyone eats bananas again. But we forget in the focussing on one facet of bananas that there are a whole lot of things about bananas that we don't know. Yes, I know I'm talking Donald Rumsfeld again but honestly, we really know so little because we forget to look at the whole of things. Maybe bananas contain an amazing untestable-because-not-classified compound that helps alleviate the effects of the sugars in some way. When you think about it, bananas probably contain a whole lot of things we don't know anything about and that is a nice thought to me because it puts all the mystery back in the universe again. (Answer this question any way you wish :)

  7. What's your favourite colour?

  8. If you could do any job in the world, what is something you would dribble to do?

  9. Have you cried this week?

  10. Will you still love me tomorrow?


  1. 1. No. Dunno what it is, even.

    2. Yes, you're right, it is rhetorical.

    3. I did, very young, for complex reasons that would need far more space than a combox! Part II - I can't remember either of their blood types, I'm afraid, though I can remember mine, along with my National Insurance Number. Yes, I know...

    4. Hypoid. I love that word... but I like lynx even more. Y?

    5. An old friend died last night of Parkinson's Disease. His sweet wife cared for him faithfully at home, to the very last moment.

    6. YES!! I hate the regurgitation of half-digested pseudoscience. Yuck. You find it on the pavements on Saturday mornings...

    7. Green. Any shade really, but especially dark. For machinery, British Racing Green every time.

    8. Bass player in any band involving my best drummer friend Keith Lambert. Or Jon Hiseman...

    9. Yes.

    10. Oh, Sue - of course!

  2. 1. Nope. No idea of my blood type even.
    2. Yes, being sick sucks.
    3. Nope. In fact I was talking with a friend about this the other day. I always seem to revert to some kind of child thing when I'm around my mom. And I don't know my kids' blood types.
    4. Not really.
    5. A new revelation that maybe what we believe or don't believe doesn't really matter. Post to come.
    6. I love mystery, and yes, so often our beliefs food aren't very well rounded.
    7. Purple.
    8. Be an astronaut.
    9. Yes at the end of 'Seven Pounds'.
    10. I'll love you forever Sue. Because even if we lose touch some day (God forbid), you have had a real impact on my freedom and I'll never forget that.

  3. 1. I hate feeling unwell, too. I guess it feels worse when the world cranks on and you are expected to continue doing your part no matter. Still, it makes feeling well so much more glorious.

    2,3. I guess not. I am not sure what my blood type is. I think it is A something.

    4. I have many more favourite words in French, but in English ... how about serendipity?

    5. The way my kittehs love to snuggle up to me in bed, one trying to get a bellyrub while balancing on my shoulder, the other content to stay as long as I let him in some protected bend.

    6. I am suspicious of scientific research that makes it through to the public eye via the reportage of a half-educated reporter. Good research is extremely cautious and tends to be reticent about broadcasting results until they are broadly and independently confirmed. By the way, bananas -- in moderation (like most other foods) -- are good for you. They saved me from muscle weakness due to low potassium.

    7. magenta

    8. architect

    9. yes, a little

    10. for sure, sue

  4. allow me to selectively answer:

    something that has touched me this week is Barbara Brown Taylor's book, "An Altar in the World: a geography of faith" on loan to me by a friend cos I can't afford to buy it

  5. Mike - yes, I'm a bit autistic when it comes to remembering long strings of numerals also, haha :) Hypoid, that's an interesting one. I had to look it up. A type of spiral bevel gear, very interesting, LOL!!! Lynx - that's nice. A wild cat, sort of has a slinky sound to it, doesn't it.

    I'm sad to hear about your friend passing on. How wonderful for him that his wife cared for him till the end. There is not much more you can ask for than that, is there?

    Bass player, huh? Very cool :)

    I still love you tomorrow too, MikeF :)

    Erin - ooh, I look forward to htat new heretical post that's brewing in your mind and heart :) I agree, more mystery, more purplish, dark mystery with bits of silver shining bits in them. An astronaut, huh? Wow, that's interesting :)

    I haven't seen Seven Pounds nor did I have any intention. Is it worth it? I mean, you cried, but sometimes you cry involuntarily, like the way I did in Terms of Endearment (spit).

    Oh, thank you darling what a lovely thing to say! I still love you tomorrow, too. It would be good to meet first before we lose touch :)

    Barbara - yes, it's true feeling well is a glorious thing after the darkness of feeling ill. No one here knows what their blood type is. That's interesting, I feel better now!

    Oh, yeah, serendipity is great. It just is hilly, isn't it? Great word. I am SO glad you have your kitteh boys. I was thinking about them while I was hanging out the washing the other day ??? I think because the kittehs living under my house have disappeared, although I suspect they are stll there, just much more wild now than before. I like the thought of you snuggling up with your boys.

    Yes, I agree, bananas are wonderful. Especially in my banana bread recipe! :) I have been eating chia seeds lately and they are excellent, and a good source of potassium too. Magenta, huh? Nice. Classy colour. That is interesting, an architect. I would have liked to have done architecture also. Do you get suckered into those Grand Design shows on the TV? :)

    Kel - Just had a look at that book on Amazon. Couldn't resist adding it to the burgeoning list. Hanging washing as prayer flags. I love this: "I do not know any way to talk about answered prayer without sounding like a huckster or a honeymooner" :)

  6. Seven Pounds was very good, in my opinion. It's a story of ultimate redemption for a mistake. Not that I agree with the outcome, but I think we all harbor that internal need to make amends for the way we have hurt people.

    I didn't cry because of the story line, though it was cry-worthy. I cried because of the miracles of modern medicine. But if I told you more it would give something away.


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