Song to the Siren

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I just came across this beautiful song (I am up waaaaaaay too late watching Rage). Never heard it before and oh.

This is one of those songs that is a better version than the original (written and performed by the brilliant-but-as-yet-relatively-unexplored-by-me Mr Tim Buckley. How much talent in one family, goodnesss me).


  1. interesting
    reminds me of the glossalia type lyrics of Sigur Ros

  2. Hey thanks for posting this. I can imagine the effect it might have had late at night - its still pretty powerful to me, bleary-eyed in the morning!

    I haven't explored Tim Buckley much either, but Jeff - well, what a genius. I love his stuff.

  3. Kel - I do not know of this man or woman of who you speak. I shall have to go YouTubing at an hour that is not as late as this one :)

    Meredith - it was quite beautiful this song, I am glad you enjoyed it and it was as powerful to you in the morning as it was to me late at night. Amazing voice.

    Oh, yeah, Jeff. What can we say? That album is so deep. So much depth I am still exploring its layers all these years later.


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