Susie's Dream Pope Xmas Message

Saturday, 26 December 2009

We acknowledge that we are, regardless of the good we may do, part of the oppression problem, being an unbelievably rich and powerful institution that believes it is right.  We therefore acknowledge that we probably get it wrong, and we acknowledge the awful atrocities committed in our name all the way down through the centuries.

We also acknowledge and understand the warping and deceitfulness of riches.  To this end, therefore, we declare that all of our billions and billions of dollars are all going to be donated to digging wells and giving water to the third world.

Ahh, now, that would be an amazing Christmas present to a tired, tired world.  It's something I pray for.  One day.  Maybe one day.


  1. Sue, it would be a wonderful day if all the religions that claim Jesus' name would do such an act of love...not to mention wisdom and insight.

  2. No, Jesus' religions need really awesome buildings and sound systems and staff, and stuff. Very important.

    Sorry, is my cynical showing?

  3. Sorry I haven't been over lately. Busy with the holidays and all.

    Just thought you might want to know, my wife now has a blog The Newly Domesticated Mama.

    You might find it interesting. Just thought I'd share.

  4. Lovely. I agree. Some day it will be said. Thank you for saying it out loud today.

  5. Kent - it would change the world.

    Erin - tis alright. My cynicism hangs out the side of everything too. It's difficult not to be :)

    Perplexio - thanks for the link, I shall have to pop over and visit :)

    Claire - hi there, thanks for dropping by. I do hope some day it will be said. It would be amazing if it did. I reserve my cynicism in the meantime :)

  6. Hi Susie. Catching up on blogs....


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