How Did I Live Without YouTube???

Monday 18 January 2010

Today at the tennis with my mum, we sat in front of these two German guys who just would not shut up for anything longer than five seconds at a time.  Three hours of incessant talking when everyone else around them was respectfully whispering and I was starting to get a little pissed off, I must say, and turning around and glaring etc etc.

It got me a musical craving though.  Berlin.  Dancing in Berlin.  How did I ever itch these scratches before except by coming home and fast-forwarding through all my music videos to find the film clip ... which I never had? But now - so easy!!  Easy peasy Japanesey.  Come home, click on YouTube, type in the request, and voila.

This was a cool song.  They were a good band.  Except for that naughty song.

Mullet alert.  Moustache alert.  Dual coloured hair alert (how cool was her hair???)  Creepy Thompson Twins-style haircut alert.  Bad eighties fashion alert (white jumpsuits.  Goodness me)  Terri Nunn flashing her undies alert (like, as if that never happened).

I think that's the alerts covered :)


  1. I laughed so loud at the mullet, etc. alert! I can't believe how inconsiderate some people are...that is horrible about the tennis match. I would have thrown rocks at them.

    Thanks for making me smile this morning!!!

  2. Teri Nunn is still singing and still with that rockin' hair. Saw her on VH1 classic a couple months ago.

    But what naughty song are you referring to? I was s huge Berlin fan back in the day, so I'm curious.

  3. Hehe chickies :) Erin, I'm talking about Sex (I'm A). We used to sing it as 16 year olds (oh, that thought makes me sad) and she was a naughty girl :)


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