Is that a Souvlaki in your Pocket ...

Wednesday 12 May 2010

... or are you just pleased to violate me?

I think I'll take the job at Mickey D's instead, if you don't mind.

They may not have a printer that proofreads well.  Nevertheless, Souvlaki Hut sure makes a damn good souvlaki :)

Update:  On my most recent trip to Souvlaki Hut a few days ago, there was a blank space where this poster was.  Coincidence?  I wonder :)


    every copyeditor's nightmare!!!

  2. Nevermind the errors, a place like that would be a huge hit here. Seems they only exist in Canada and Australia at the moment, but here in the NW everything is Greek food right now...or at least I hear people talking about it all the time.

  3. Never seen any of them in canada, yet. Sounds good though.

  4. Glad it tickled your fancy as mine, peeps :) That's interesting, Erin - I wonder why Greek food is the flavour of the month? Pretty ironic when the Greeks are just about starving to death in their own country :)

  5. Greek food, especially fish, has been popular for some time in Montreal. There is a large Greek community here. I am a regular at Souvlaki George's down the street. The food is fresh and simply cooked. I am not sure the Greeks are currently starving to death in their own country -- maybe they are forced to tighten their belts a notch, though.
    I don't know if they have as much problem with their spelling here because the signs are all in French and they don't catch my attention.

  6. Barbara - apologies for not getting back to you now. I have been rather slack on my blog responses :)

    Australia has the highest population of Greek people outside of Greece, so yeah, Greek food is rather a staple here, too. Yummy, eh? :)


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