You Little Beauties

Thursday 5 August 2010

  • A freshly vacuumed carpet - at the beginning of August!  In years gone past, this common occurrence would not have happened.  In the years of chronic fatigue syndrome, August was as low a point as its counterpart in February, every drop in barometric pressure sending me fatigued to the couch, every drop in temperature rushing through my bones.  
  • The days lengthening on one side of the ball, shortening on the other.  Changes of light, of tempo, of clothes, of scenery.  I have enjoyed this Winter more than any other, as much as I miss the lack of light.  Yesterday was the first day that I have noticed the days lengthening.  The noticing burst itself out of my solar plexus.  I still dread February and its harsh sun and burning, but I love, I love, I love the light.
  • The space between two people, combined with them both, makes something great and beautiful and far bigger than the two of them.  It's magic, in the same way a small round dot becoming a capsicum is magic.  
  • The space between two thoughts is a pregnant, dripping, full void.  It laughs at linearity, kisses the ground.

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