Thursday, 28 October 2010

So, life's not really worth living without something to stretch you out a little, I tend to reckon.

That's when I'm not having a week curled up inside my house, fortressing myself, overcome by the conspiracy theories :)

I couldn't take on a whole lot of challenges for a while there.  Sickness, then recovering from the sickness.  That's a decent decade where it couldn't happen.  But things are starting to change ...

The latest challenge is a job I applied for earlier this week.  Depending on my fear levels and my mood, I either really want this job, or really don't want it.  It's with a not-for-profit organisation who provides low-cost housing to people.  From what I can gather these are mostly rooming houses.  My job would involve going out to the rooming houses when required, helping people where need be, acting as intermediary between them and the support services they need to keep their tenancy operational.

Of course, the occupants of rooming houses are people shooing up meth, people having psychotic episodes, people without connections, salt of the earth people who, the longer this weirdness we call modern culture goes on, seem the most sane among us all.  The ones who fall through the cracks, and the ones who I am drawn to.

One of the questions I was asked in the interview (you know how these things go, they give you the worst case scenario, trying to scare you off) was:  "What would you do if you came across a dead body in one of the rooms?"  Another question was, "What would you do if someone was coming at you with a weapon?"

Ho hum.  I didn't want another boring desk job :)

I am basically scared witless about this.  I console myself with the idea that I probably won't get the job, considering I did not even fit the selection criteria to begin with.  Part of me is terrified that I will.

So tell me, what's going on with you at the moment?  What's happening in your life to challenge your fears, rattle your inner demon cages, get you sitting up straight, eyes afire, terrified out of your wits?

Pray do tell ...


  1. I (assisted) washed and prepared my second dead body just recently, but havent (yet) been confronted with weapons. Though I was threatened with being chopped up, I think on the same evening:)

    About to go on my second nursing placement which I am dreading:(Which is surprising given what Ive just shared. Why would you be scared of nursing old people after that? But I am. Not sure if its the patients or the staff I am more scared of:)

  2. how excitement
    why worry about not meeting criteria on paper when you got an interview
    i reckon a job as challening as that would require a certain attitude, and that cannot be displayed in black ink on a white page

    look forward to the unfolding development of your next big career move

    as for my demon cage fear stuff...not ready to share publicly on that just yet . . .

  3. Urbanmonk - wow, how was that, washing a body? Was it still warm? Did the skin feel funny? I've seen my grandmother and auntie's dead bodies and it really does feel like something has gone from the body, somehow.

    I can understand the dauntedness of nursing old people. Somehow I think that must be just so unbelievably intimate.

    Kel - yeah, I agree, paper criteria just does not work out to the job you're able to do. I think the way our bureaucracy is going is testament to that. But it hasn't happened very often that people have been willing to give me a go in regards to a paid job in an area like this, so it's pretty damn cool :)

  4. Have you heard about the job yet?

    I think what should be, will be. I cannot say what is right, but I suspect if this is the direction things go for you, you will be fine. Your compassion and non-judgmentalism are priceless.

  5. I found it is quite a surreal experience. I never thought I would be able to do the things I have done in the past two years... although I did pass out and vomit after my first CPR experience and when I saw a guys artery pulsing in his wrist for the first time LOL:) You might just surprise yourself:)


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