Container Gardening

Monday, 4 October 2010

An avid and experienced gardener once told you about the procrastination inherent in the seed-planting process. You didn’t quite believe her, though you felt the downward tug.

Planting seeds is much funner when there is two of you doing it. Nevertheless, it takes two weeks of procrastination before you stand in the garage, at the beginning of the manfriend’s holidays, putting tiny little dots into rows of dark seed raising mix.

Such tiny dots, pushed such a little way down into the soil. Six millimetres down, then covered over with a little dirt, watered with some Seasol, then left behind with a faithless disbelief that anything at all is going to happen. The same fear you have to turn away from when you sit down to write, or to love, or to life.

Ten days later there are these little things poking themselves up out of the soil, the beginnings of the broccoli you will be shovelling into your mouth in several months’ time, if you haven’t planted them too late and the temperature proves too warm for them.

You have very little idea at all of what you are doing. And yet it seems to you, every time you find yourself immersed in something that has the whiff of oxygen about it that one of the keys to making a good life is just simply providing the containers for it to pour itself into and remembering to water.


  1. everything is much more funner when there is two

    may your seeds have the need to feed
    in a month
    or two

  2. Life is beautiful. Isn't it amazing that these tiny seeds hold everything needed for life, with a little light and water?

  3. So much wisdom in your post, Sue. Seeds are all about hope, aren't they? And hope needs just a bit of tending to blossom.

  4. Kel - yes :) And thank you. Your blessings are always so beautiful. This one has that sorta Little Shop of Horrors feel about it - was that intentional? ;)

    Erin - it is amazing. The little things are dumbfounding sometimes :)

    Barbara - thank you my dear. They ARE about hope. Life amazes me, how much ... life there is in it :)

  5. i don't know much about little shop of horrors?

  6. Oh, there's this giant plant that goes a bit nuts, from memory, and is wanting to be fed :)


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