All Together Now ...

Friday 8 April 2011

... which seat are you gonna taay-ayke?


  1. well, whether you think she can sing or not, she's laughing all the way to the bank with revenue raised from youtube ads and itunes sales

    i reckon i could handle being 'joke of the month' if it meant i could quit my crappy job

  2. and hey, you're up early!

  3. 8.48 is early? Actually, it sort of is, for me :P

    You know, it depends on the day (today for example my dreams feel possible, and so this position I'm taking feels very strong). I would rather do my crappy job for the rest of my life (though it would possibly end early in suicide) than be burdened forever as being the mouthpiece through which this piece of shite spewed forth into the world. She is never not going to have sung this song. Even when she's 53 she will still somewhere in the dim recesses of her shame be hearing her own nasal banality. FOREVER, Kel! FOREVER!

    I think her parents should be jailed for child abuse, and the songwriters should be stuck in front of a firing squad.

  4. I thought you were a breakfast at 11 kinda gal :-)

    your comment that whether our own dreams feel possible or not, has a bearing on the stand we take on various things, is so true

    how exciting that your dreams feel possible!
    when you're in that sweet spot, the world is your oyster

    whether you can sing or not :p

  5. Haha :)

    I'm trying to turn over a new leaf breakfastishly. For the last year have been getting up, easing in to the day slowly, doing arty creative stuff, and then starting work in the afternoon. This has led to the situation where I have far too often been finishing work late in the day. It feels much better this way - much more productive. Meditation, then into work. Even though the creative stuff is WAY more important than the work :)

    It *is* exciting when you feel like your dreams are possible. I must say, this is an area I struggle in so much. I have to work hard to even get here, and the visits aren't always long. It's a work in progress, to be sure. But it's such a sunny, beautiful autumn morning though that anything feels possible today!

  6. PS: I hope that your crappy job situation changes soon, Kel.

  7. may your visit to that sweet sunny spot linger long

  8. So everyone has been talking about this for what, a week? This is the first time I've watched it. Wow. Now I get it. But yes, she's laughing all the way to the bank. All I need to do is come up with a catchy tune to raise funds for my education.

  9. I'll never get those 3 minutes and 48 seconds back. Not ever. Thanks, Sue. ;)

    [Actually, I did not listen to all of it. The first I heard about this dreadful piece of crap was on the Colbert Show when he lost a bet and had to sing this "song" on another late night show. I did not bother to watch the other show to see if he fulfilled his bargain.]

  10. Erin - ooh, I thought this song would have been all over Facebook. Kudos to you for managing to avoid it. My partner did not allow me the same space and now it's embedded in my head, driving me insane.

    That sounds like a good plan for your education fund. Let me know when you've uploaded it to YouTube and I promise I'll come and watch it :)

    Barbara - haha :) Well, hey, you can invoice me for the 3 minutes if you want :) What is your minutely rate? :)


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