How Embarrassment

Wednesday 4 May 2011

I was listening to my local radio station yesterday and the presenter played a song of great dagginess.  Surpassed in dagginess only by other John Denver songs like Annie's Song*, Take Me Home Country Roads has the cheese falling off it in big, long, pathetic shreds like drool out of the side of a dog.

My abysmal attention span focussed on that song for its entirety, because it's so cute and so sweet and so other things you put in italics.  It is embarrassing to admit that I like such cheesiness and such sweetness, in such an age of cynicism and abject suicidal despair.  And cheesy and sweet are yukky combinations, so by rights I should not like this song.

But I do.  He is yearning to go home where he beloowwwngs.  West Virginia, mountain mama.  And anyway, I just thought of cheesecake, so there goes my theory.

(PS:  Don't you think John Denver looks like Kevin Rudd's  Muppet lovechild?)

*I also like Annie's Song.  So shoot me.
Pic:  Douglas Brown


  1. You taught me a new word: dagginess. Don't worry, we won't shoot you, a little bit of cheese really lifts all that dry bread!

  2. ah yes, daggy is a great aussie word!

    according to the urban dictionary, "daggy" has an Australian origin and means not stylish, out of fashion, not trendy, not cool, untidy, unclean, not neat.

    John Denver music is sooooo daggy, but I think Willie Nelson might be even daggier :P

  3. Ah lurve that song too, Sue. Dagginess rocks! (And I love the word too:))

  4. I love John Denver. I grew up with his music. He was a true nature lover, a hippie of sorts. My favorite is Calypso, his tribute to Jaques Cousteau. Daggy, maybe, but there's nothing else like his music. I was sad when he died, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

  5. Love Annie's Song, and the Garden Song (althoug Makem & Clancy is my favourite version of that one)

    Wholesome stuff!

  6. Dagginess was a new one for me too, but I'm always happy to learn such great words.

    I am a total John Denver fan, and Annie's Song makes me sigh. I even love his Christmas album.

  7. A dag is also a piece of poo that hangs off the back of a sheep's bum. How it came to mean what it means now is a rather long jump, don't you all agree, o fellow daddy music lovers? :D


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