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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Does this white text mess with yer eyeballs at all?


  1. hmm
    don't think its the white text
    its the background that's messin' with these eyeballs!

  2. I'll give you that the tree is pretty and all that, but yes, it's hard to read over. :)

  3. If yer had it lower contrast, not so stark - like a watermark perhaps - then you could use black text...

    Jus' thinkin':)

  4. Thanks, y'all for the feedback :)

  5. (This is a response to your latest post, Sue - no matter what I do, I can't post this comment actually under that post! Something weird goin' on there:))

    I can't help but agree, Sue, but then I'm even older:) I feel it's all, again, a sort of birth pangs of a new humanity, but then I'm an incurable, insufferable optimist. We'll gorge on this crap until humanity jolts itself awake from its self-imposed nightmare and actually starts Living. Then it'll be Interesting Times...

    (Like the new format, btw...)

  6. Harry - yes, Blogger was being a bit naughty the other day, but it's all fixed itself up now.

    You ARE an incurable, insufferable optimist. Sometimes in my more mystical moments I completely agree with you. I feel in my bones that there is a new evolving coming.

    Then at other times, I think, "What a load of bullocks. That's bullshit, we're all doomed" etc etc etc.

    And hey, the second may well be true. After all we can't ever PROVE that what we are sensing is something that is happening or just something we're making up. But I DO think it's something that's happening. But then ... how do I know that?

    Haha :)

    What do you think that is going to take humanity to jolt itself awake? Because so many of the things we do are just unbelievably ludicrous. Look at our financial systems and our philosophical systems and they're just patently STUPID! Invented and designed for the rich and the powerful at the expense of everyone else.

    Life is sure weird :)


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