Some things and some more things

Monday 18 July 2011

This here be's my interpretation of a thing, and a thing, and a thing.  They are either reclining on a bed of blue dot things, or flying on said blue dot things.

The big blue thing seems to be giving birth to something or, alternatively, has a prolapse which urgently requires medical attention.  The thing to its left seems pretty happy about something, and the thing to the right seems to busting some kind of thingish move.

This, then, be my interpretation of things.  Amen.


  1. The blue thing is giving birth to a flower. It's definitely a pansy.

    The two other things remind me of Dr. Seuss Whos from the Grinch. Whos are a happy bunch, they are.

    The blue thing's head reminds me of E.T.

    Those be my interpretations... :)

  2. the blue thing reminds me of a cello with a musical note for a head

    but what really draws me in is something that looks like a red witch on her invisible broom stick

  3. I be loving your interpretation of things :)

    Erin - yeah, funny about the ET head. I think it comes from me reading the writings of Rael at the moment, the guy who founded the Raelians on his assertion that he met with aliens and wrote down stuff they told him. I don't believe any of it (although I'm not closed off to it either) but it's really been an interesting mind trip - so much of the Bible as he describes it makes so much sense when you look at it in terms of alien visitation :)

    Kel - A cello? Cool! Music from the spheres. I've been watching The Elegant Universe recently, which explains string theory. Not that I can hang on to much of it for longer than a few seconds, and going back and describing it totally defeats, but the concept that the universe is made up of tiny strings that somewhat resemble those of a cello or a guitar is a pretty cool kind of concept, eh :)

    A witch on her broomstick! Well, I never did see that but now you mention it :)

  4. You have some perceptive readers. they have come up with such great interpretations now that's all I see too! Enjoyed your commentary on your painting made me chuckle.

  5. Hi Bren, yep, I sure do have some perceptive readers here :) Thanks for dropping in :)

  6. oh cool! I really am drawn to the happy little impy thing dancing in the top left corner...Im with Erin, it reminds me of Dr Seuss :) I see pregnant thing giving birth to a heart shaped thing with a cool link in the middle..

  7. Andi - I like that link in the middle too. It feels like some sort of head/heart connection thingymyjiggy :)

    PS: Let's catch up sometime this century, eh? :P

  8. I like this a lot. I'm trying to look at it and NOT decide what it is!

    I was thinking about you today because I'm reading The Shattered Lantern by Ronald Rolheiser and it seemed like something you might appreciate. He talks a lot about the way that God exists even if we can't imagine that he does. He explains it better, though. I'd post a quote if I didn't have friends coming over any second. Anyway, recommend it :)

  9. Emma - thanks :) I had a look at The Shattered Lantern on Amazon. It looks like a worthy read, definitely.

    You know, it's not so much that I'm grappling with whether God exists. It's whether what I'm perceiving - like a sort of presence, as Rolheiser seemed to define it - is God as I've thought of God as a supernatural being, or whether maybe God is actually ... well, an extraterrestrial, or is some sort of other version along the lines of Jung's collective unconscious, or if it's something else.

    I guess ultimately we can't really know, can we? I've spent several months stressing and grappling with it. I think I always will. And yet after a while, it needs to be laid back down because it's not ultimaely knowable and provable in the way we Westerners want everything to be knowable and provable ;)

    But oh, I tell you, it's so nice to have laid it all down somewhat again, and just learning to appreciate the space. The Now really does encompass all of those above things, so living in that space, with expectancy, and yes, it does feel like God is here :)

    Thanks for the tip, might add it to the ginormous list of future reading material :)

  10. I've been thinking about very similar things. As I was doing research for the hell film I was involved with it seemed blindingly obvious that our psychological past/experiences shape what we want from God, how we think about God and who we think God is. And I don't think we can ever step outside of that, of our own brains, so I guess it's a question of what we do with that situation.

    Here's a nice quote that I might end up putting on my blog too:
    'A tree is brought to bloom by summer. It does not understand summer, conceptualize summer, nor is it able to project what summer will do to it; it simply acts under its presence. To let God be God is to live in openness to the mystery of God without limiting the nature or effect of his presence by any expectations or withdrawal...The proper approach to God is not to try to analyze the infinite, but to celebrate it.'

    And so we muddle through together.

  11. There is definitely something about being open to the mystery. Even if you do not even remotely call it "god", there does seem to be something that happens when we humans live that way. Magical sorta things can happen, things flow better.

    I really like that quote. Only thing I don't like about it is how it's talking about letting God be God and then straight away calling God "him". Like, uhhh .... :D

  12. yes good point. He often seems to write in a way that avoids pronouns, but he definitely goes for the 'he' when he needs to.


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