Holiday Desk

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Your work desk is piled high with writing books, papers, stray pencils, a jar of Clag, a pile of wonky CDs and sundry things that live somewhere else.  It is a desk that has been on holiday.  Today you clean it up.  One step closer to the return to (paid) work.   Not that you're counting.


  1. clag !!!
    now that takes me back to primary school days ;-)

    i've been back at work for a week already
    managing two desks there, mine and my bosses while she has 5 weeks off  ;-(

  2. I always like to organize everything before I go back to work, but it makes me so sad. Sundays usually make me cry.

  3. Ahh, a fellow work-hater.  Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. I know, I couldn't resist buying some the other day, for some reason.  It still smells the same.

    Your boss is off work AGAIN???


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