You Don't Have the Right

Sunday, 8 January 2012

You don't have the right bike
or the right amount of stamina
or the right waistline size.

You don't have the right CV
or the right liver function figures
or the right job.

You don't have the right
amount of thickened skin
or the right level of assertion.

None of these things
would feel quite so wrong
if it wasn't for the satanic policeman
who lives in your tissues and
filters out into your bloodstream
whenever you fail,
"You have the right to remain silent,
but you don't have the right
to be who you are."


  1. What I see here is that you DO have the awareness that the policeman is 'satanic' and not your own voice, and your own voice is here breaking that silence. I admire your real writing, not afraid to tell it like it is, who you are and have given yourself the right to be. I gain strength in my own voice from that.

  2. Thanks, Emma.  It does seem to help somehow, breaking the silence against that voice.  It does love us staying silent, doesn't it.  It helps even more knowing that it helps to strengthen you :)

  3. This is powerful stuff Sue, and the exchange with Emma is right - breaking the silence is vital.

  4. Thanks, Tess.  Breaking our silences through creative expression is the best way to stick our fingers up at this sort of self-talk, ain't it :)

  5. You have the right everything.

  6. Caught this on the River of Small Stones  page.  I can relate, as I'm sure most people of any sensitivity (or questionable self esteem) might. Enjoyed it a lot.

    Thanks, for sharing this

  7. Thank YOU for commenting, John.  It's nice to know that what you write other people can relate to.  Reading your comment made me feel not so alone and stupid.  Thanks :)

  8. Thanks for this, T (can I call you T?  :)  


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