Dream Figures

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Last night I dreamed about an Indian man called Raj.  We were in each other's company for hours on end, and it was really lovely, though I remember nothing about it.  There was no romantic or sexual element to our interaction from start to finish.

When he was leaving (I said goodbye to him at my parents' front door), he kissed me goodbye. It was weird, because when he kissed me his lips were open, like some kind of fish, so that we just touched our two pairs of open lips together and that was it.

I was nervous in the dream that he was going to stick his tongue in my mouth and ruin everything, and I was wondering too whether he expected me to do so.

It felt like some elaborate gesture alien and incomprehensible to me.

~ ~ ~

I love dreaming.  Even more, I love recounting my dreams because as I do, it's like I'm a translator from one continent to another and in the translation is when I start to understand.  Although in this case, I do not understand.  I wonder ~ what was he imparting to me that I don't (yet) understand?  Sometimes I have great insights into myself, as if some far-off, not-yet-here part of myself is signalling to the rest of me that it is on its way.

In these cases, it is harder to know where we end and everything else begins :)


  1. Apparently the same areas of the brain are active in lucid dreaming as in the waking state, so... where does 'dreaming' end and 'waking' begin? They're not two worlds, but one world interpreted differently - the 'dreaming' occurs without actual external input, that's the only difference. And is not everything the same reality, just showing up differently? Oneness is the only reality - but even that's only another concept, only pointing to the non-conceptual concept... ooerrr... mind explodes;)

    Love the way you're writing just now, Sue, even more than usual.

  2. I'm so grateful to be one of those people, like you, who has vivid dreams and remembers them. They can teach us so much. And sometimes just so entertaining, like lying down and going to the movies in full technicolour!

  3. I, too, am a vivid dreamer. My husband says he *never* remembers his dreams, but I remember them every night, many times more than one. I have heard it's an introvert thing. 

    Love this: " Sometimes I have great insights into myself, as if some far-off, not-yet-here part of myself is signalling to the rest of me that it is on its way."

    I can so relate!

  4. I have vivid dreams too. Last night I dreamed I met the Obamas. They seemed nice. I also dreamed I was in a lift going sideways. This happens a lot. I'm off to google it...

  5. Haha, Emma.  Do you mean dreaming you were in a lift going sideways happens a lot?  Or dreaming interesting dreams happens a lot?  :)

    That's very cool actually, the lift going sideways.  I imagine that could mean a whole RAFT of things.  

    Dream language is fantastic.

  6. That's interesting, Erin.  Anthony doesn't remember his dreams a lot.  I have heard that it can be due to a vitamin B6 deficiency.

    glad you can relate.  It's a nice feeling, isn't it.

  7. SO entertaining they be, Tess.  And I love the combo of deciphering your very own language ... and yet one that is common to all of us.  It's like we go 

  8. Thanks, Harry.  My brains are now a bunch of goop exploded all over the walls :)

  9. I affect people that way sometimes, Sue. Don't worry - you'll recover, as it's not a permanent condition:)

  10.  The sideways lift is frequent. I'd say every couple of months maybe? Maybe not that much. Enough that I remember it. Even when I'm dreaming I'll EXPECT the lift to go sideways and not be surprised if it does. Apparently it has to do with confusion about a future direction. Sounds about right.
    It was a first appearance for the Obamas though.


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